Should a Break Up Mean a Makeover?

If you’ve recently split from a spouse and you’re at this website, you might be wondering: is divorce a good reason to get plastic surgery? Well, probably not. But after a divorce might be a good time to start looking into plastic surgery—to start the process. And that’s a totally different conversation.

Sometimes a divorce can be a time of unexpected renewal in your life, but is a divorce a good reason to get plastic surgery? We could ask a similar question about any number of life events, but divorce in particular seems like a good one. That’s because a divorce can be both good and bad.

When is Divorce a Good Reason to Get Plastic Surgery?

That is, a divorce is certainly emotionally trying. The process itself is long and difficult. But at the end of the proceedings, you can feel like you’ve been given new freedom, a new lease on life (to borrow a cliché). And that can be empowering. At least—that’s assuming you actually wanted a divorce.

It’s a tricky, complex situation. And that can make it especially difficult to try to figure out what your next steps are—how you should move forward. Knowing all that, is just after your divorce really a good time to get plastic surgery?

The Frame of Mind for Plastic Surgery

In many ways, figuring out the best time to get plastic surgery is going to involve knowing your frame of mind. Surgeons will ask questions about this during your consultation period. They might inquire along several avenues, such as the following:

  • How long have you wanted to undergo plastic surgery?
  • Have your areas of concern (or areas you want transformed) changed in that time?
  • Are you undergoing this procedure at the request of anyone else?
  • Why do you want to change the selected area of your body?

There are, of course, other questions that your surgeon will ask—some depending on your medical history. But the point is this: they are often interested in why you want plastic surgery because they don’t want you to undergo any procedure for the wrong reasons.

Those “wrong reasons” don’t really have to do with making judgments about why you’re getting plastic surgery. Instead, surgeons just want to make sure that you aren’t going to regret getting plastic surgery later in your life. Does a divorce put you in a state of mind where you can’t make good decisions about plastic surgery? In a word: no.

Why Some Patients Might Get Plastic Surgery After A Divorce

There are several reasons why some patients might be particularly eager to get plastic surgery after a divorce. As we already mentioned, divorce can be a kind of time of renewal. And whether you wanted a divorce or not, it’s likely that you’ve been looking forward to the divorce process to finish up so you can move on with your life.

We look at it like this: you might feel like you’ve got a brand new start after a divorce. That means it’s not necessarily a bad time to start doing the things you’ve always wanted to do—to reward yourself with a transformation you’ve always wanted.

Though, it is worth emphasizing the “always wanted” part of this equation. There’s no type of plastic surgery that will make any of your problems go away. Nor is plastic surgery ever a good substitute for more therapeutic ways to boost your confidence and self esteem.

However, if you’ve been thinking about plastic surgery for a while—if it’s something that’s crossed your mind once in a while and you know it’s been something you want to do, tapping into the life-changing energy of a big event can be a good thing.

Thinking Clearly

The only problem is this: human beings aren’t very good at thinking clearly when emotions are running high. There’s that old adage that looking good is the best revenge. But it’s not terribly clear that’s what you should be using plastic surgery for. Because that “revenge” is about someone else.

Instead, most plastic surgeons will council you to wait until a kind of cooling down period has passed. And that’s not unwise. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the process started sooner. Indeed, if you know you want plastic surgery, you can always start the consultation process at just about any time.

In most instances, it may take several months to schedule your procedure anyway. You can also begin researching the best plastic surgeons and those in your area who are performing the procedures. In other words, you might not want to go under the knife the day after your divorce. But you can certainly start the process. In that way, divorce as a good reason for plastic surgery may not hold up to scrutiny—but if it compels you do something you already wanted to do, that’s not a bad thing.

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