Summary: As the 2015 Oscars are fast approaching, the anticipation surrounding the event not only concerns the victorious films, actors, and actresses of one of the biggest cinema awards, but also the chic styles and sexy figures iconic of film culture. Attendees of the event have no doubt already exhaustively planned their red carpet look this year, while excited viewers may feel a similar pressure to look their best for Oscar-viewing parties or upcoming special dates.

Being cited on the Oscars A-list is about more than just the styles you sport. Getting noticed by the right people is also about having the figure to stand out from the crowd. Breast enhancement can play a major role in balancing women’s proportions for a red-carpet look every day.

How to Balance Your Figure with Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is not just about the common saying “bigger is better.” Creating beautiful breast implant results is much more about choosing the right implant size for your figure. To get the most out of your breast augmentation, consider your overall body shape and take into consideration the width of your chest, and your height and weight before finally deciding on the implant size that would best compliment your body shape. A new alternative is fat transfer breast augmentation with body contouring, which includes the use of fat taken from the hips or thighs.

Not that there’s anything wrong with aiming for a more high profile silhouette! The classic voluptuous female form will always remain popular both on the red carpet and among viewers at home. Current national trends, however, have swung in favor of a more modest breast enhancement, where slim figures with what has been dubbed “the Brazilian B” are increasingly recognized among A-list celebrities.

Adding a Lift to Your Augmentation for a Better Bust Line

A breast lift is a lesser known cosmetic procedure that can enhance your bust line, either alone or in combination with implants. By lifting the breasts to a higher position on the torso, reshaping breast tissue for rounder curves, and repositioning the nipple if needed, a breast lift can help women with moderate to generous breast volume resolve issues of sagging, or ptosis.

Because women with larger breasts often experience some degree of sagging, a breast lift can help voluptuous women feel sexy in their curves again. But some women experience breast sagging with only small amounts of breast volume, especially if they have undergone pregnancy or nursing. By combining implants with a breast lift, women can have the best of both worlds.

Enhancing Your Proportions with Breast Reduction

For every woman who feels that her figure could be enhanced with larger breasts, there is a woman who wishes her breasts were smaller. Breast reduction surgery removes tissue from the breasts to decrease their size before reshaping the profile, lifting them to a higher position, tightening the remaining skin, and repositioning the nipple. Because elements of a breast lift are nearly always included in a breast reduction, this procedure can help women can achieve a more proportionate figure with a higher bust line.

Many women choose to undergo breast reduction to resolve chronic pains, discomfort, or inconveniences caused by large breasts. However, many others elect to have the procedure for cosmetic reasons. There is no guideline that states when a woman’s breasts are “too large.” Regardless of what your existing breast volume is, if you want smaller breasts, you can have a breast reduction.

With the right self-confidence on and off the red carpet, women can look and feel great in any outfit. Whether preparing for the Oscars or for an at-home viewing party, breast enhancement can bring out the best in any body.