Summary: When it comes to plastic surgery, price can be an issue. Some non-surgical techniques are less expensive than surgical ones, however, and may be a good way to save money while still getting fantastic results.


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Lets be honest, price can be a big factor when it comes to cosmetic surgery. We look at the before and after pictures and know it’s the change we want, but then we see the price tag and our dreams are put on hold. If you are concerned about the cost of cosmetic surgery there are always things that can be done. Talk with your doctor about your financial issues and let him know that you are looking for the most bang for your buck. Chances are he’ll have some good advice!

Surgical vs. Non-surgical

The truth is, much of the cost of surgery has to do with time, the level of complexity, and the use of anesthesia. If you can change your body or face while reducing those points you will get the best deal. Surgical procedures require anesthesia, an anesthesiologist, a plastic surgeon, a long in-house recovery time and state of the art (read: expensive) tools. When undergoing a surgical procedure, you should be prepared to pay for all of these points. However, you’re in luck. Detroit cosmetic surgery includes non-surgical procedures that don’t require as much of those bad things and can produce many of the same results. Consider the following:

  • Non-surgical procedures oftentimes do not require general anesthesia
  • Non-surgical procedures have a fast recovery time that can often be completed at home
  • Non-surgical procedures are typically performed by one person, with no need for assistance
  • Non-surgical procedures are often safer, more natural looking, and faster to perform

Saving Money and Face

Understanding which procedures are similar to each other will help you make your decisions. The following are a list of procedures that may help you save money and time:

  • Instead of a surgical facelift, consider injectables such as Botox or Restylane. These products can give you a smoother, younger look without any need for surgery.
  • Instead of implants of any kind, try fat transfer. Fat transfer uses your own fat from other areas of your body to plump up the location you are looking to expand.
  • Water assisted liposuction (vs. traditional) is a much less invasive form of liposuction that allows you to recover faster and avoid general anesthesia.
  • Brazilian butt lifts are fantastic for those who want to increase the size and shape of the butt, but don’t want to undergo (or pay for) major surgery.

Featured Modern Plastic Surgeon: As always we refer our loyal readers to qualified plastic surgeons! If you’re interested in non-surgical procedures we suggest consulting with Dr. Berkowitz from Accents Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa.