Plastic Surgery and Social Media Pictures

You might be wondering, can cosmetic surgery help you look perfect in your selfies? After all, there’s plenty of pressure that goes along with posting your image on social media. There are definitely ways in which cosmetic surgery can help!

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We’ve all taken them, but can cosmetic surgery help you look perfect in your selfies? The question doesn’t totally exist in a vacuum, nor should it completely take you by surprise. We’ve written on a few occasions how selfies can actually (in a way) fuel demand for cosmetic and plastic surgery. This certainly makes sense, if you think about it.

Cosmetic Surgery and Selfies

The more you take pictures of yourself, the more you tend to see those things that might bother you. The lines and wrinkles become more prevalent, harder to ignore. You’re constantly confronted with an image of your body that does not conform to your preferred body image. Cosmetic surgery can help you achieve some changes that might improve your selfies.

But will that mean you’ll look “perfect” in those selfies? At the end of the day, that really depends on your definition of the word perfect.

What is a Selfie and How Does Cosmetic Surgery Help?

If you don’t have teenagers, you might be forgiven for not knowing what a “selfie” is. Basically, a selfie is a picture you take of yourself. (It’s much easier to do that, today, given the technology at our disposal.) However, the word has long been in the popular lexicon, so teenagers have probably invented a new, more hip word to replace “selfie.”

At any rate, the more these selfies propagate, the more people have an interest in ensuring that they “look good.” That can mean many different things, but in general, people are often bothered by the following:

  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Splotches or discolorations
  • Excess skin in various places
  • Excess fat in various places (such as around the jawline)

There are certainly ways you can make your selfie look better without necessarily looking into cosmetic surgery. Instagram, for example, makes a wide variety of filters available (and these filters are actually pretty good at hiding signs of aging). However, many patients don’t want to rely on filters or Photoshop in order to get good pictures. That’s where cosmetic procedure can play a part.

Cosmetic Procedures to Improve Your Selfies

Cosmetic procedures broadly defined are generally minimally or non-invasive procedures that yield long term (but often temporary) results. And if we look at the issues that most people “dislike” about their selfies, there is actually much that cosmetic procedures can successfully address.

Eliminating Lines and Wrinkles

For patients that wish to eliminate lines and wrinkles, there are several options offered by most cosmetic surgeons and medical spas. On the one hand, patients might benefit from Botox injections. In other cases—when wrinkles and lines are caused by a loss of volume—dermal filler injections might be more appropriate. In either case, these injections can be completed in as little as fifteen minutes, and the results can last for several months.

Eliminating Splotches or Discoloration

Ensuring that your skin is an even tone is a goal of many patients. One way that can be accomplished is via several directed energy treatments. Depending on exactly the way you want to treat your skin, different laser treatments will be available to you. Additionally, some patients might want to look into Microneedling or SkinPen as a way to achieve a more even skin tone.

Reducing Excess Skin in Various Places

Patients can develop excess skin for a wide variety of reasons. Unfortunately, large amounts of excess skin can be difficult to treat without surgery. However, patients do have some options. For example, if the excess skin is positioned properly in the face, patients may be able to seek out dermal filler treatments in order to make the skin appear more youthful again. According to website of Carillon Minneapolis, Juvederm and Voluma are both popular options to treat this particular issue.

Eliminating Excess Fat Around the Jawline

Finally, patients can now non-surgically eliminate some unwanted fat around the jawline, thanks to a new injectable called Kybella. It’s been on the market for over a year now, and Kybella has a well-earned reputation for generating excellent results. Essentially, the Kybella is injected into the “double chin” area, where it then goes about breaking down fat. Patients often can see a significant improvement in the reduction of fat around the jawline after just a few months.

The Appeal of Cosmetic Procedures for Selfies

It should be noted that most people who get “cosmetic procedures for selfies” aren’t really getting the procedures specifically and exclusively for selfies. That is, what they’re after is a change (a cohesion, maybe) in their body image. They want their selfies to more accurately reflect the way they seem themselves. In other words, it’s about presenting your “real self” to the world—and then capturing that in a selfie.

I should definitely note that the picture—the selfie—is almost always incidental. It’s an added bonus. What’s more important than the image on the phone is the image in the mirror. Can cosmetic surgery help you look perfect in a selfie? Not perfect—but it can help align your body image and the image of your body.

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