Summary: Many people are tightening their belts due to these tough economic times. Studies show, however, that Milwaukee plastic surgery procedures are actually on the rise. It seems many people are willing to spend in order to look and feel better.

The Face of our Economy

Let’s be honest: our economy could use facelift! Times are tough, and people are cutting back on a lot of expenses they once thought were necessary. Despite this new need to budget, however, cosmetic surgery is on the rise. It seems that people still find the amazing results of plastic surgery procedures necessary, even in the most troubled of times.

The Cold, Hard Facts

While some say that our economy is getting better, it’s still not where it could be and people are still feeling the negative effects of the recession. What people do not seem to be feeling is a need to stop going under the knife. Doctors performed nearly 14 million cosmetic surgeries last year, and these numbers are on the rise over 5 percent from the year before. There are many contributing factors to this trend, but it is likely that people are seeking out a way to look and feel better when they aren’t at their happiest. Cosmetic surgery procedures can make you appear younger, more vibrant, and more awake. In a recession, those results can be critical.

Below is a list of procedures patients all over the country are seeking out, and some potential reasons they may be doing so. This not only shows the climate of cosmetic surgery, but also the climate of our economy.

Face and Neck Lifts: These procedures help patients to look younger and more refreshed. In the work place these things are critical to landing or even keeping a job. In general, a more rejuvenated outward appearance may help to make you feel better on the inside as well.

Tummy Tucks: Younger patients are seeking out cosmetic surgery in record numbers. Many are new mothers who want to get their figures back after childbirth. This has been a goal of women since the dawn of time, and no recession is going to stop this!

Breast Augmentation: Looking and feeling your best is something that people want even more when times are tough because in a way, it’s one of the only things you have control over. An increase in the size of your breasts could give you the confidence boost you need to weather these tough times and come out unscathed.

Botox and Other Injections/Fillers:
Non-surgical cosmetic techniques are seeing a huge boom in popularity because they are less expensive than traditional surgeries and the downtime is a lot faster, meaning that you will need to spend less time away from work.

You Are Next

You deserve to be happy, and look amazing. You may have been recently saving your pennies here and there, but when it comes to your appearance there should be no cutting corners. There are people working every day to fix the economy, but chances are, if you elect to undergo a cosmetic procedure- you will be in better shape than they are in an even faster amount of time. The numbers show that the recession isn’t stopping people from seeking out the look they desire. Why not follow trend?

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