Summary: It’s perfectly normal to want to feel great about your body. If you’re unhappy with the size, shape or amount of sagging in your breasts, there are options available to help you get the best possible look that accentuates your natural figure.

Breast implants and breast lifts are two common procedures performed for women who want to enhance their figure, and are often combined into a single operation. Having both procedures can offer a multitude of benefits, but you should consider the following before you go rushing off into surgery.

Are you happy with the position of your breasts?

It’s important to consider whether or not you’re comfortable with the natural resting position of your breasts. Are you concerned that they sit too high? Too low? Is there sagging present?

This is the first step in determining whether combining breast implants with a lift could be the right option for you. If you’re comfortable with the placement of your breasts but only want to add a little additional size, you may be fine with implants alone. However, for women uncomfortable with the amount breast drooping they have, a breast lift can tighten up the ligament structures underneath the breasts to create a firmer shape and reduce sagging.

Do you want a higher, rounder breast shape?

Breast implants can definitely add size and volume to your bust, but when performed alone may not necessarily offer you the results you’re expecting. Implants will increase size, but don’t have much impact on breast drooping.

A breast lift can reposition the breast tissue on the chest wall to create a perkier, shapelier look that many women seek when they consider breast enhancement. You may think that implants will give you this result simply by adding more size, but implants alone can increase the weight of your breasts and may actually make existing sagging worse.

For this reason, a breast augmentation plus lift is often recommended to make sure your breasts remain raised and supported despite the increased weight of the implants.

Are you interested in nipple/areola reduction?

If you’re self-conscious with the appearance of your nipples or areolae, adjustments can be made during a breast lift to enhance their appearance. Your surgeon may be able to reduce the size of your areolae, changing the visual proportions of your breasts to a look that you’re more comfortable with. This can often be done without permanently affecting nipple sensitivity.

Do you want a firmer, natural breast texture?

Along with sagging, many women notice that the texture of their breasts changes with age or due to weight fluctuations, becoming too soft for their liking. Again, while implants may somewhat affect breast texture, this is a byproduct of breast implants rather than the goal.

A breast lift reshapes your existing breast tissue and pulls skin and supportive ligaments tighter for a naturally firmer-feeling breast, and implants restore lost fullness. While you can achieve these results with separate procedures, the final shape of your breasts will often be better when your surgeon performs both at once.

The advantages to combining your breast lift with implants are numerous. Your implants can provide you with enhanced breast volume and increase your cup size, while the lift can improve position and tighten up your breast tissue to create the youthful profile that many women seek. In the right candidates, combining a breast lift with augmentation can bring out the best in both procedures as well as bringing out the best in your body.