Summary: When it comes to choosing the best plastic surgeon for men in New York or anywhere else, guys should look for a doctor with lots of experience, right?  Yes, but there’s more to it than just that.  Men seeking cosmetic improvement should be sure to select a plastic surgeon with plenty of experience working with men, not just with women.

Though it may seem that a wrinkle is a wrinkle, and fat deposits don’t differ much between men and women, it’s not exactly true.  As the old saying goes, “vive la difference!”

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Here are some examples of procedures that need to be designed with gender in mind:

  • Eyelid surgery:  Blepharoplasty for both upper and lower lids should be subtly different for men.  Plastic surgeons usually plan to remove all redundant skin from women’s upper lids, but men look more natural and masculine with a tiny bit of extra skin remaining.  Similarly, male lower lids need not be made completely wrinkle-free.  Bags should be removed or fat repositioned, but a small line or two can be left to give a distinguished look.
  • Brow lifts:  Forehead surgery should also produce slightly different results for men.  Women look best with a bit of arch to the eyebrows, with the outer edge just a bit lower than the inner corner.  Men appear natural with a more horizontal line to the eyebrows.
  • Liposuction:  Men and women seeking liposuction usually differ in the areas they want to target.  While women often carry extra fat around the lower portion of their bodies—belly, hips and thighs—men seek body contouring most often for the chest (male breast reduction surgery) and around the torso.  This isn’t the whole story, however.  Male fat tissue tends to be much more dense and fibrous than female fat, and the more experience a plastic surgeon has dealing with this challenging tissue, the more likely natural contours will be the result.

The cosmetic goals men may have in considering plastic surgery can also be uniquely their own.   And these demand expertise on the part of the plastic surgeon as well.

Male breast reduction surgery to address gynecomastia is a highly specialized operation that not every general plastic surgeon, however talented, is qualified to perform.  It is challenging to transform overly developed man boobs into masculine contours.  Adolescents and adults considering gynecomastia surgery should seek a plastic surgeon with hundreds of procedures to their credit.

Facial plastic surgery is also best left in the hands of a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in working with men.  Considering the variety of options available for both rejuvenation and rebalancing features—from facelift surgery to rhinoplasty to implants—it is wise to work with someone who is well versed in the lines and contours that characterize masculine faces.

If you’re a guy considering cosmetic surgery, how do you go about finding a plastic surgeon that fits the bill?  The first step is to evaluate websites carefully.  Ensure there are plenty of photos of male patients mixed in with the females.  Then, call top two or three practices and find out what percentage of clients are guys.  Finally, arrange consultations with at least two surgeons and ask pointed questions.

More men seek cosmetic surgery with each passing year—it’s true.  But the percentage of male to female patients is still relatively modest, so guys should not assume that all plastic surgeons have experience in treating their special needs.  A little homework is essential.