Summary:  In 2012, chin implants (playfully referred to as “chinplants”) are the hot procedure that thousands are seeking. If you have always felt that your chin isn’t as defined as it could be, hop on the band wagon and research the incredible trend of chin implants!

Chins Are the New Breasts

It sounds crazy, but when it comes to cosmetic surgery trends, chins are the new breasts. People are flocking to their doctor for the tiny implant that can make a big impact on your face. Doctors have seen a 71% increase in the popularity of this procedure over the last 2 years, and these numbers are expected to continue to grow. Breast implants and liposuction are still very popular, but nothing is seeing the growth rate quite like chin implants. This could be because filling out the face and creating definition to the chin area can make your entire appearance shine.

Chinplants Are Here to Stay

If you want to change your chin, diet and exercise won’t help. Unlike liposuction, which you could argue has other alternatives, if you are looking to enhance your face/chin- implants are really the only way to go. The procedure is popular with both men and women and those of all ages, teens to aging adults appreciate the effect that the implants have. Lose skin under the jaw line can be eliminated with the insertion of an implant, bridging the gap between a younger looking face and that of one that appears more middle aged.

Your Procedure, Explained

The “chinplant” process is a fairly simple one, with a recovery rate that is faster than implant procedures done on other areas of the body. The surgery, which is often performed as an outpatient procedure, will not necessarily require you to be under general anesthesia. While that’s always an option for cosmetic surgery patients, if you are nervous about the potential risks associated with going under, a localized anesthetic option may be available for you depending on the complexity of your chin implant procedure. The following three steps outline what you can expect on your way to achieving a beautiful new chin:

  • First: there are two different places where incisions can be made. The inner lip, which is nice because the scars can be concealed easier, is a common entry point for chin implants. An external incision under the chin may also be made.
  • Second: a pocket is created under your jaw bone to fit the selected implant. Your implant may be a different size or shape depending on your specific needs. Doctors will work with you to make sure that your implant is the right one to achieve the look that you desire.
  • Lastly: after the incision is made and the implant is put in place, you will be sutured up and your healing process will begin. Stiches should dissolve within 10 days of surgery, and your face should make a full recovery within weeks. Swelling and bruising may occur during this time, but should subside fairly quickly.

Chin Up Comrade

No matter what your reason for seeking out chin implants, you can rest assured that you are making the right decision for your face. Because there are really no natural ways to boost the appearance of your chin or create more definition to the area, implants are the easiest, most effective way to improve your overall appearance. Whether you are trying to look like the best version of yourself, or resemble your favorite celebrity, discuss your options with a board certified surgeon and you will be on your way to a sexy new chin!

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