Summary: In some cases, patients want to achieve a permanent alteration to their face that leaves them looking younger forever. When this is the desired result, chin and cheek implants are often used because of how long they last.

Implants are a Great Choice

Chin and cheek implants are a great way to permanently alter the appearance of your face. Injectables, fillers, and even face lifts can sometimes have only temporary effects- but much like a breast implant which can enhance your bust for decades, chin and cheek implants can improve the look of your face indefinitely. In life we don’t necessarily always want to commit to huge changes… but when it comes to having a more balanced, fuller, more youthful looking face, most of us want to sign up for something that will last for the long haul.

Step by Step

A typical facial implant procedure is routine and follows a few easy steps:

  • Anesthesia: Anesthesia is almost always administered during a cosmetic procedure for your own wellbeing. Your doctor will recommend whether an intravenous sedation or general anesthesia is best for your particular case.
  • The Incision: Incisions made for a chin implant may be made inside of your mouth, or they may be made externally right below your chin. For cheek implantation, most often the incisions are made internally. This will depend on where the implant will be resting in association with the jaw and cheek bones, however. Doctors will discuss this with you before your procedure.
  • Closing Your Incisions: Your surgeon will close your wounds using absorbable sutures or stiches that will then be removed a few weeks after your surgery.  This is a critical part of the recovery process.
  • Results: Your amazing results will be able to be seen almost immediately, but your final results will be visible only after the swelling from the procedure has gone down.

Most procedures follow these 4 easy steps. Discussing the process with your doctor will help you to know exactly what will be happening to you when you go under the knife. This conversation is particularly important if you are being put under with a general anesthesia.

Things to Consider

The downside of permanent implants is the risks and side effects associated with general cosmetic surgery. Any time you introduce anesthesia of any kind into the mix, you run the risk of some major complications. Those are so rare, however, with the perfect cosmetic surgeon. An A+ cosmetic surgeon will help you reduce the side effects that may occur with an implant surgery. Side effects like bruising, scarring, swelling, bleeding and infection are often unavoidable, but will be mild or minimal with the right care. Most patients of chin and cheek implants believe that the temporary downside is nothing compared to the amazing permanent results achievable with an implant procedure.

The Good Outweighs the Bad

Benefits of an implant over injectables, fillers, and lifts are overwhelming in those scenarios where patients know what they want and know they want it forever. Younger patients who have a few mild lines and wrinkles often love the temporary effects of products like Restylane and Botox, but women who have hit the age where fullness of the face has been lost and sagging is starting to occur, permanent implants work wonders. Your final results will be a fuller face and a more youthful look that will stand the tests of time.

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