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Famous celebrity plastic surgery before and after pictures might not sound all that important, or worthy of Modern Plastic Surgeon. But there’s definitely something to be learned form looking at celebrity pictures and listening to their stories. After all, in many ways celebrity plastic surgery stories simply reflect our own.

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If you’re looking for famous celebrity plastic surgery before and after pictures you’ve come to the right place! Rather than bombarding you with dozens or hundreds of pictures to click through (seriously, we dislike all that clicking), we’re going to focus on just a few cases.

Finding the Use in Celebrity Before and After Photos

And what’s even better is that we can learn something from each of these cases! I know, I know, no one is coming to our website to go to school. But I promise this will be the fun kind of learning. After all, celebrities are often pretty darn mysterious about their plastic surgery, aren’t they? I mean, it makes sense—we’re just making an observation.

Iggy Azalea Plastic Surgery Before and After

One celebrity who has been amazingly candid and upfront about her plastic surgery has been Iggy Azalea. To our knowledge, Iggy Azalea has undergone both a breast augmentation and a rhinoplasty (though, not at the same time). When discussing her breast augmentation, Azalea mentioned that she wanted her body to feel more proportionate—especially when comparing her bust to her behind.

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Separately, discussing her rhinoplasty, Azalea has essentially only mentioned that she wasn’t denying that she got surgery, as any such denials would be quite “lame.” But she’s not alone. According to the website of Dr. Howard Stupak, a Fairfield, CT, Rhinoplasty surgeon—there’s a lot to consider when selecting this procedure, including the overall harmony of the face.

For Azalea—and for many like her—plastic surgery as about:

  • Bringing her body into harmony—accepting the things she can’t alter but allowing herself to change what she could.
  • Increasing her confidence and self esteem
  • Feeling secure in one’s own body—developing body confidence that was previously lacking

Tamra Judge Mini Facelift

Reality television star Tamra Judge admitted this past summer that she had recently undergone a procedure known as a lower facelift. Sometimes called a mini-facelift (depending on the marketing context), this procedure is all about taking a few years off your face.

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In fact, that’s precisely the way that Judge described her results. She was, with some justification, “terrified” that her mini facelift wouldn’t work—that it would alter the way she looks without making her appear more youthful. For many celebrities, their faces are literally their livelihoods, so it’s difficult to be too hard on her for having those fears.

But Judge is thrilled with the results. Her lower facelift took several years off her face, according to her. That’s great news for any reality television show celebrity who wants to keep looking a bit youthful for a little while longer.

Ariel Winter Breast Reduction

One of the most high profile celebrity plastic surgery procedures in the past few years has been that of Ariel Winter, who underwent a breast reduction procedure when she was 17 years old. To be sure, 17 is definitely a bit early to be getting plastic surgery.

But it wasn’t premature for Winter. The Modern Family actress has said repeatedly that she felt her bust was a little too large for her frame, causing pain and discomfort. Indeed, overly large breasts can cause:

  • Chronic neck and back pain
  • Increased “drooping” of the breasts, due to gravity
  • Difficulty finding flattering clothing
  • Issues related to confidence and self esteem

ariel winter breast reduction before and after

Winter herself commented not only on the physical discomfort, but also regarding the awkwardness (and creepiness) of leering stares towards her bust line. Since undergoing to the breast reduction, Winter has discussed and demonstrated a greater confidence with her body and her body image.

Avoiding Rumor and Innuendo

Remember that celebrities are people too. As such, it’s important that we not invade their privacy any more than is absolutely necessary. I totally agree that it’s fun to speculate about who underwent this or that procedure—but we have to acknowledge that every patient’s medical history is private.

That’s why we love it when celebrities are open and honest about their transformations. It makes it so much easier to discuss their motivations—what they like about their results and what they wish they could change.

In that way, these celebrity plastic surgery patients are not much different from anyone else. For most people, plastic surgery is a way to realize your true self, to see your ideal body image. It’s a transformation not about what’s on the outside but about what’s on the inside.

In many ways, celebrities who are open about their plastic surgery kind of show us the way. Famous celebrity plastic surgery before and after pictures are just the start.

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