Can Hollywood Stars Sway Cosmetic Trends?

With all the gossip columns out there talking about cosmetic procedures, you might overestimate how much celebrities influence plastic surgery trends. Ultimately, however, the trends don’t conform to what celebrities want—they conform to what patients are asking for. It’s true that Hollywood stars have a role to play, especially when it comes to communicating the possibilities of cosmetic procedures.

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We know they have a significant amount of sway in the public, but how much do celebrities influence plastic surgery, really? I ask because we tend to get a lot of our information about plastic surgery from celebrity gossip. Whether it’s one star getting a breast augmentation or another getting a nose job, these celebrities are in the news.

How Much Do Celebrities Influence Plastic Surgery Trends?

And they inform the way we think about plastic surgery. Certainly, the popular notions of what a nose job can do or what a breast augmentation can do are filtered through gossip you read about celebrities. At least at first. Once you get interested in plastic surgery (and start reading at sites like this one) you begin to see that there’s a lot more to it than that.

But we can’t deny that celebrities do exert some influence over plastic surgery and cosmetic procedure trends. Let’s take a look at how that influence manifests and where it might lead us astray.

Celebrities and Rhinoplasty

Nearly every time a celebrity’s face looks slightly different, a gossip columnist or two starts to speculate on the possibility of a nose job. That’s not totally surprising, as a nose job can indeed change the basic proportions of the face. I often write about the nose as being a vital component to the harmony of the face. If it he nose isn’t working, it can throw the whole face out of whack.

But rhinoplasty can also be effective even when subtle changes are made. We tend to think of a nose job as dramatically changing the nose—and it can do that—but that isn’t always what patients want. Indeed, there are some nose job procedures that are minimally invasive.

In fact, the power of subtle changes to the nose is so powerful that non surgical rhinoplasty procedures have been used to effect changes. These non surgical techniques, pioneered by Dr. Alexander Rivkin in Los Angeles, allow cosmetic surgeons to change the nose in a way that’s immediately visible. The results are temporary (lasting for several months), but there’s no recovery and patients can resume normal activities immediately.

Celebrities often opt for these non surgical trends because of it lets them maintain a relatively low profile but still look at the top of their game. But many patients see a high degree of convenience in something like a Non Surgical Nose Job. People have busy lives—and they like to keep things moving.

More Celebrities Mean Less Stigma

I don’t know that there’s much power in a particular celebrity getting a specific procedure—usually. If a celebrity gets a nose job or a breast augmentation, I don’t know that rhinoplasty and boob jobs will suddenly start spreading like wildfire. What might happen, however, is that the stigma attached to those procedures will diminish significantly.

In fact, the more celebrities talk openly about their procedures (such as Courteney Cox recently did or Iggy Azalea often has), the more the stigma attached to plastic surgery is challenged. And the more that stigma is challenged, the better. There are certainly many possible plastic surgery patients out there who feel as though they aren’t able to achieve the change they want because they feel as though plastic surgery isn’t for them.

But plastic surgery has a wide possible audience. So if seeing celebrities get small cosmetic procedures or big operations opens up the possibilities for people by challenging that stigma, so much the better.

The Power of Celebrities

And yet, there’s no denying the power of celebrities. If they had no ability to drive sales, Kybella would not have chosen Khloe Kardashian as its official spokesperson. So I don’t mean to diminish what impact celebrities are having.

I just want to point out that the vast majority of motivation for plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures come from the patients themselves. Sure, they might want Megan Fox’s nose—but they aren’t trying to emulate a specific nose job result.

That said, the more open and honest celebrities are about what it takes to look as good as they do, the more we can have realistic expectations about how we can look—and what it might take to reach our goals. Do celebrities influence plastic surgery? Of course they do. But so do the everyday patients that drive the industry. And that’s where most of the power is.

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