Summary: Careers can be important, not only in terms of income but also in terms of identity. Sometimes, what you do can help to define you. So it’s no wonder that we tend to want to hold on to those careers. That’s pretty normal. That said, some people are turning to career saving cosmetic surgery—and that’s kind of a new thing. The good thing is that these people are getting all of the added great benefits of cosmetic surgery: good feelings, high self-confidence and so on. And that’s a good thing, especially when the patient is in control.

career saving cosmetic surgery

Time for Career Saving Cosmetic Surgery?

Sometimes retirement is to be looked forward to. You’ve been saving your entire life, you’ve got all kinds of vacations planned out. Retirement will finally give you the chance to do all of those things you’ve always wanted to do. But sometimes retirement isn’t so welcome. There are many workplaces, both in the public and the private sector, that have mandatory retirement ages. There are other workplaces that simply believe in getting in “new blood” or “fresh blood” and will, therefore, find other reason to lay off an aging employee (this is, by the way, certainly not ethical). There are yet other professions that rely on the ability to look youthful, approachable, and content.

For all of these reasons, it should not be surprising that many people are using cosmetic and plastic surgery to hang on to their careers a little bit longer. To be sure, the only way this makes sense is if people actually like their careers or need their careers. The Great Recessions certainly had something to do with people needing to spend a few more years in their jobs, of needing the extra income before retirement. The stakes are even higher because the unemployment rate of older individuals has skyrocketed since the great recession. It’s harder to keep a job and even harder to find a job.

Careers That Can Use Some Cosmetic Surgery

So there are many reasons to want to look young on the job. And there’s a great way to do that, too. In fact, many older employees are turning to cosmetic surgery to get the youthful look that, hopefully, will help keep them employed (I do want to stress that it’s one thing for patients who want to do this, and another for patients who feel pressured to do this—obviously, we take quite a dim view of the latter). The benefit is that they get to look in the mirror and see a more youthful reflection staring back at them (along with the boost in confidence and self-esteem that often comes with that).

So let’s take a look at a few professions where patients might benefit from cosmetic or plastic surgery:

  • Attorneys: Many attorneys have noted that juries respond to the way a person looks. It’s why they might wear a nice suit, but not too nice of a suit. If an attorney looks angry or tired, it might not play well with the jury, so many attorneys will opt for cosmetic surgery to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes. The result is an attorney that looks more content and competent. And, because of the way that people often judge a situation, the jury tends to be more sympathetic.
  • Teachers: We’ve written before about cosmetic surgery with teachers. They’re in front of a classroom all day. It makes sense for them to worry about the way they look. But they also need to be approachable, and look as though they’re paying attention. Sometimes, aging can get in the way of those things, so it’s some teachers feel it’s important enough to address with cosmetic surgery. Often, they opt for injectables, from which they can recovery quickly.
  • Management: There are strong expectations that come with being in a management position. You always want to remain approachable, you always want to look like you’re in control, and you always want to appear as though you’re content. If you’re starting to notice a pattern here, you aren’t alone. So it should come as no surprise that those in management are another set of employees that might want to consider some cosmetic surgery.

Make Sure it’s Done Right

As with any kind of plastic surgery, you always want to make sure cosmetic procedures are done right. According to the website of the Ridgewood, NJ, Botox experts at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery, that means that if you want to avoid the “numb face” that can come with Botox injections, for example, you may want to consider going to a highly qualified expert, such as a plastic surgeon. This will help ensure that you get the results you’re after. Because, when you stop and think about it, if people can tell you’ve had plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, it kind of destroys the illusion. And that can be important.

So if you’re thinking that maybe you’d perform your job better—or least, if others might perceive you as performing your job better—thanks to some cosmetic surgery, it might be a good time to stop into a cosmetic surgeon and ask some questions about what might work well for you.