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Surgery can be a big deal for your body. And you might not necessarily enjoy every aspect of it. Recovery from surgical procedures can be especially challenging and uncomfortable. So it makes sense that one of the most popular trends in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery is the non invasive trend. People want results, but they don’t want discomfort. And that goes for body contouring too–can you get body contouring without surgery?

Can You Get Body Contouring Without Surgery?

Because we all know you can treat wrinkles and lines without surgery. The manufacturers of Botox and dermal fillers both have done a remarkable job with their respective marketing campaigns.

That’s not to say that non invasive body contouring options have not done as well with their marketing (the marketing budgets for these procedures are quite large, after all). It’s just that people tend to associate body contouring with surgery. It’s difficult to imagine a non surgical tummy tuck or liposuction. But options do exist, and they can make a big difference for those people who want to contour their bodies but who do not want to undergo surgery or any kind. That said, you should always talk to your plastic surgeon or your cosmetic surgeon about your options.

Body Contouring Options

If you want to achieve body contouring results in a non invasive way, you do definitely have some options. Can you get body contouring without surgery? Absolutely. But there will be some drawbacks and your procedure will be, well, let’s say “specific.”

Maybe it makes the most sense to take a look at a few different options you’ll have when it comes to non invasive body contouring. Let’s take a look at two specific examples.


One of the oldest (and most proven) non invasive body contouring options is called Coolsculpting. This procedure uses cold to destroy fat cells in your body (your skin has a higher threshold for cold, so there’s no need for a lengthy recovery period). Coolsculpting results will typically take some time to become apparent–the fat has to be absorbed into your body as it breaks down.

Results from Coolsculpting are usually pretty subtle. You aren’t going to be able to achieve the bold transformations that, say, a liposuction procedure could generate. But you will be able to get those subtle changes just about any place that your body is storing fat. You can get Coolsculpting on your abdomen, your back, your legs–you name it, basically.


Another option is an injectable called Kybella. At first glance, an injectable that can eliminate unwanted fat is, well, rather miraculous. It’s certainly a huge leap forward in terms of non invasive body contouring options. But there are a couple of drawbacks. First and foremost, Kybella is only approved for use around the jawline.

This is great news if you have a significant amount of submental fat (or, as it is more commonly called, a “double chin”). Like Coolsculpting, Kybella takes a few weeks to really kick into gear. And it doesn’t work for everyone (though, most people who are targeting fat will see results). The main drawback for Kybella is that it can only be used in one place, at least in terms of what’s approved by the FDA.

Benefits and Drawbacks to a Non Invasive Approach

Whether a non invasive body contouring approach is the right one for you will depend–on your body, your situation, your desired final results. It’s important to weigh the benefits and the drawbacks from either approach.

In general, a non invasive approach is going to mean a much, much shorter recovery period. In many cases, you’ll be able to resume normal daily activities once you leave the clinic. For many patients, that is a significant boon and one of the primary reasons for choosing a non invasive procedure.

However, non invasive approaches are not always able to achieve the results that patients really want. As we mentioned, a non-surgical approaches are almost always aiming to effect subtle transitions. If you want a bold transformation, you might need to consider a surgical procedure, such as liposuction or tummy tuck.

Individualized Decisions

In any event, you should always discuss your options and your intentions with your plastic or cosmetic surgeon. The more familiar with your goals your surgeon can be, the more likely you are to maintain realistic expectations about what your procedure can accomplish. If you have questions about which approach is better for you–if you can get body contouring without surgery–the best place to find individualized and personal answers is from your plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for over four years. He’s constantly in touch with surgeons to ensure his information is as accurate and up to date as possible.

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