How can I get natural plastic surgery looks?

Can my plastic surgery look natural if I want to make big changes? We get that question a lot, and the answer varies from person to person. Much will depend on your desired outcome as well as your unique physiology. However, it’s clear that many patients are prioritizing a result that look more natural than you might expect. Those natural looking results are more popular than ever, in part because technology and techniques have finally caught up with patient demands.

can my plastic surgery look natural?

There was a time when plastic surgery created its own look, where patients wanted the world to know: yes, I got plastic surgery and I look great. These days, that’s no so much the case. Modern plastic surgery patients favor results that blend in. They come into their surgeons’ offices and ask: can my plastic surgery look natural?

Can My Plastic Surgery Look Natural if I Want Big Changes?

Surgeons, for a long time, have strived for this particular ability. The ideal surgery is the one in which no one has a clue that a procedure was performed (except, of course, the surgeon and the patient). And that’s happening more and more often these days.

In part, that’s because the surgeons, techniques, and tools are more adept than ever. There are certainly some advantages to modern technology, after all. But part of the drive for natural results comes from the patients themselves. Patients want transformations–but transformations that can be attributed to lifestyle changes or something other than plastic surgery. That’s understandable, if somewhat paradoxical; plastic surgery has never been more socially accepted than it is today. And yet, you’re still thinking: how can my plastic surgery look natural? Let’s take a look at some of the ways!

What Natural Looking Results Means

In order to really dive into this proposition, we should first examine what, precisely, we mean by “natural looking results.” Because, frankly, the minute you put makeup on you start to undermine your “natural” look. Not everyone wants to appear completely and 100% natural. Of course, I’m exaggerating a little bit. But I’m also trying to prove a point. “Natural” is an incredibly nebulous term that might mean different things to different people.

In general, however, “natural looking results” tends to mean one of the following:

  • Results that, while noticeable, do not look artificial: In other words, it’s important for the results to blend in with the rest of the body
  • The results cannot exceed what might be expected as a “normal” variance; that is, a facelift can’t make you look too young, otherwise people would notice
  • Contours of the body are followed. That is, the results will follow and honor your body’s natural curves and contours.
  • Results that could be attributed to natural processes, such as diet, exercise, getting extra sleep, getting vitamins, etc.

Just as with all plastic surgery results, what counts as “natural” on one person might not translate the same way onto another person. So, liposuction around the tummy–for example–might require one technique on patient A and a different technique on patient B.

How to Get Natural Looking Results

Now that we’ve settled, sort of, what natural looking results actually are, we can talk about how you actually go about getting those results. Step one is usually by making sure you tell your surgeon that’s what you want. In fact, that’s probably the most important step in the entire process.

Your surgeon will be able to advise you on the best possible way to achieve those natural looking results. And your surgeon will also be able to tell you when you might need to change your expectations.

Achieving natural looking results may also sometimes require settling for less pronounced results. Here’s what I mean:

  • In the case of a facelift, it might be possible for a surgeon to eliminate so many lines and wrinkles that you look unnaturally more youthful. To get natural looking results, a surgeon may leave a few wrinkles in place.
  • If the patient wants a breast augmentation, for example, the surgeon might suggest opting for a smaller sized implant in order to achieve a more natural look. This is one area where technology has especially helped, as modern implants look and feel much more natural than their predecessors.
  • Scar placement might also be a concern when it comes to achieving “natural looking” results, so patients may opt for one incision type over another when making these decisions.

Getting the Results You’ve Wanted

The important part of any plastic surgery procedure is to be sure that you get the results you’re after. Sometimes those will be very natural looking results. But, in some cases, they won’t be. For some patients, it’s more important to get a profound result than a natural looking one. The best case scenario, of course, is when surgeons are able to accomplish an amazing transformation and make it look completely natural.

If you want to know, can my plastic surgery look natural, you’re going to want to think about your desired results–and how those results might look in your mirror. The next step will be to talk to a plastic surgeon about what you want to achieve.

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