Summary: Massage therapy is currently making inroads at many cosmetic surgery clinics and medical spa. The reasons for this are pretty straightforward: there are many health benefits to massage therapy. This shouldn’t be totally shocking: massage therapy has been making people feel better for a long time. But let’s look at some specific massage therapy techniques that are currently being employed.

what can a massage do for you?

Finding Out What Can a Massage Do For You?

There’s no doubt that the primary benefit of a massage is this: it feels good. Massage treatments are, at least popularly, conceived as a pleasant diversion. However, the benefits that come with certain massages may actually be significantly more therapeutic than is commonly known.

In other words, massages have many benefits that go well beyond “it feels good.” Certain types of massage therapy can help with chronic pain, help your posture, and even (in some cases) help boost your immune system by lowering the amount of stress in your life. Indeed, according to the Twin Cities Medical Spa Carillon Minneapolis, massage therapy techniques are often applied in a cosmetic surgery setting.

There is also significantly more variety in terms of massage therapy than many people would at first think about. In fact, the first impression of many is to assume that there is one type of massage therapy: massage. But there are many different types of massages, and each is used for individual types of benefits. So let’s take a look at some of the more effective massage therapy types.

Swedish Massage

One of the most popular massage therapy techniques is what is known as a Swedish Massage. This particular massage therapy technique applies long strokes (sometimes known as “gliding” strokes) to the entire body (or the area the patient feels comfortable with).

The goal of a Swedish Massage is pretty simple: relaxation. This massage therapy is designed not only to relax the patient, but to relax the muscles as well. Swedish Massage Therapy can help eliminate knots and tension that is buried deep within the muscle.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is somewhat similar to a Swedish Massage. The only difference is that a Swedish Massage is designed to target the most shallow and moderate areas of the muscle. A Deep Tissue Massage is generally used to target the deepest areas of muscle.

It’s for this reason that Deep Tissue Massage is often used to combat chronic muscle pain. This pain can be caused by issues deep within the tissue, making a Deep Tissue Massage the most logical method to combat that pain. Patients who undergo Deep Tissue Massage often have a lot of great things to say about the results.

It’s worth noting that Deep Tissue Massage might have a reputation for generating discomfort—some patients might complain about too much pressure. However, if you feel as though the massage therapist is applying too much pressure, you should communicate that immediately. Even a Deep Tissue Massage is meant to be relaxing and rejuvenating—never something that should cause pain.

Sports Massage

Exercise can be quite stressful on your body. Whether you’re a world class athlete or a weekend jogger, it’s quite possible you’ve heard of sports massage therapy. This technique is employed in helping the muscles repair themselves, recuperate, and relax.

In other words, sports massage is used to help you address the sore muscles that can develop due to exercise of various kinds. After all, when you exercise a muscle group, you’re effectively breaking down those muscle fibers. This can, over time, lead to pain and soreness.

Sports Massage therapy is usually directed at muscles that are employed in the activity (for a jogger, this might mean the legs, for example). This therapy type can help you feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to keep going!

The Massage Therapy That Works for You

There are even more types of massage therapy out there. Part of the trick is finding the therapy type that works for you. And one way to do that is to figure out exactly what you’d like treated and then talk to a massage therapist. It’s worth noting that there are so many different varieties of massage therapy because there are varieties of ailments.

Massage therapy is cropping up in a cosmetic surgery setting for a number of reasons. Perhaps more prominent, massage therapy has been shown to help in terms of healing and recovery and in terms of helping scar tissue diminish visibly. Of course, you should always follow your surgeon’s instructions exactly during recovery.

Even if all massage therapy did was make you good and relieve stress, that’s a big step. Stress does a lot of terrible things to your body, and finding a good way to get rid of that stress is a good portion of what massage therapy does. So get started today!