Is Hand or Foot Plastic Surgery Possible?

Can you get plastic surgery of your hands and feet? It feels like there are procedures designed to enhance just about every other part of the body, from the eyelids to all the way down to your calves. There are indeed several options available for patients who want to aesthetically treat their hands and feet.

Plastic surgery has a well earned reputation for being able to treat a wide variety of places on the body. But can you get plastic surgery of your hands and feet? And if you could, would you even want to? Sure, this question doesn’t come up often–but that’s kind of why we’re taking some time to talk about it today.

Can You Get Plastic Surgery on Your Hands and Feet?

And even though your hands and feet are at opposite extremes of your body (hence, why they are often referred to as “extremities”), they still feel related. They’re both complicated, full of joints and ligaments and tendons and muscles.

And you might be shy about requesting surgery involving the hands or feet. So let’s take a look at some of the most common hand and foot surgical procedures–and whether you should embrace them or avoid them. To be sure, this article is not meant as a substitute for medical advice of any kind, so be sure to check with your surgeon about your proposed hand or feet plastic surgery to see what’s actually possible for your body.

Plastic Surgery of the Hand

Technically, all hand surgery falls under the purview of plastic surgery. It’s weird, but true. That’s why it’s not uncommon for your hand surgeon to also be a plastic surgeon. But plastic surgery of the hands is usually a bit different than a medical treatment. Plastic surgery is usually designed to address an aesthetic issue–at least in these cases. So what kinds of aesthetic issues can develop around your hands?

Well, a lot, as it turns out.

  • Your hands play a central role in the way you communicate–they’re part of that body language thing going on. And so people are always looking at your hands. This can make some feel self-conscious.
  • Your hands are also the site of a significant number of wrinkles. These wrinkles and lines can develop relatively quickly and in large numbers because the skin around your hands is relatively thin.
  • The thin skin around your hands can also cause your veins, blood vessels, and bones to become a bit more visible than you would like. This can lead to your hands looking aged in a way that you don’t necessarily enjoy.

Cosmetic surgery of the hands is actually somewhat common. A hand lift can eliminate excess skin, lines and wrinkles. Hand injections (usually of dermal fillers) can help make the skin appear less thin and transparent.

Plastic Surgery for Your Feet

Plastic surgery for the feet, however, is significantly less common. In large part that’s because the feet aren’t looked at with too much intensity. They don’t get nearly the amount of airtime, as it were, that your hands do. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that plastic surgery for the feet is much more rare.

The exception to that is something called Cinderella Surgery–and it’s a practice that is widely frowned upon. Cinderella surgery, essentially, contorts the foot in such a way that it appears smaller, and–over time–may actually shrink.

If you’re thinking about undergoing a Cinderella Surgery procedure, our basic advice would be simple: don’t. Most plastic surgeons will not perform this procedure for ethical and health-related reasons, and when that happens, it’s usually a good idea to stay as far away as possible.

There may be other aesthetic procedures available for your feet, depending on the kind of results you’re seeking. Your best bet in those situations is to talk about your options with your plastic surgeon.

Not Common, but not Unheard of

Plastic surgery for hands and feet might not be the most common type of plastic surgery on the market, but there’s definitely a demand for these services from patients. That’s why it’s likely that two things will happen: first, these procedures will continue to fly under the radar. But second: these procedures aren’t going anywhere.

If you want to know more about what plastic surgery for hands and feet might be able to do for you, contact your local plastic or cosmetic surgeon. There are usually both surgical and non invasive options for these types of aesthetic procedures, and it’s a good idea to explore all of those options before committing to a singular path.

Can you get plastic surgery for your hands and feet? These days, you certainly can.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about everything under the sun since he was a kid. Lately, he’s been writing about cosmetic and plastic surgery for about four years. He researches and speaks to surgeons to ensure he gets the most accurate information possible.

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