Summary: Butt augmentations are growing in popularity, likely due to the way that our changing views of beauty have begun to endorse the ample rear end. So to gain that extra boost of confidence, many women have elected to undergo the procedure. And despite some of the recovery complications, most women in the end endorse the procedure, saying on that it was worth it. So what’s stopping you from learning more about butt augmentation?

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In Truth, Beauty

When it comes to beauty, culture at large usually has the first say. This doesn’t mean you don’t have the final say. But we can’t deny that culture has a big influence. You can look at the ancient Greek’s idea of beauty and maybe see how things have changed (and how they’ve stayed the same).

One interesting—and recent—aspect of modern beauty is the growing emphasis on a pleasantly plump rear end. In fact, the rounded, slightly enlarged butt has become a staple of models everywhere, which means that the trend has also been making its way into your plastic surgery office, where plastic surgeons are now offering a procedure called a butt augmentation. This isn’t news, of course. Butt augmentation has been around for a number of years now.

The Procedure

Like many cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, a butt augmentation is not monolithic, so there are a couple of ways that butt augmentation procedures are performed. Some patients opt for what is called a fat graft—essentially, fat is transferred from one part of your body to another. This is usually couple with a liposuction procedure of some time.

So, for instance, fat could be removed from your belly section, sent through a refinement and purification process, and implanted or injected into your buttocks. The problem with the fat graft technique is that the results sometimes diminish over time, as a certain portion of the fat transferred dies. That said, most people who opt for this procedure are indeed happy with their final results.

Some people, then, opt for artificial implants. Much like breast implants, these artificial medical devices increase the size of your buttocks to the desired volume and shape. These implants are generally safe—and while they aren’t made of the same material as breast implants, they function on a similar methodology. The idea is to make them look real and to make them feel real while giving you the size, shape, and volume you desire.

So is it Worth it?

According to plastic surgery social media site, RealSelf, butt augmentation—or Brazillian Butt Lift as it is sometimes called, boasts a “worth it” rate of 93%. That rate is higher than many forms of liposuction, higher than rhinoplasty, and about on par with breast augmentation procedures. In other words, the overwhelming opinion seems to be that, yes, butt augmentation is worth the cost, pain, and recovery that stems from the procedure.

Only you will be able to tell if it’s worth it in the end. But judging on the popularity of the procedure, it’s a safe bet you’ll be happy with the results.

When Can You Return to Work? And What if it Involves Sitting

So, one of the big questions with a butt augmentation is: what is sitting like? To a large extent, this is going to depend on the type of butt augmentation you opted for. If you opted for a fat graft, you’re going to want to treat your rear end like a fragile butterfly. You’re even going to want to avoid sitting for a week or two. The reason is simple: you need to protect the vulnerable fat in your toosh to the highest degree possible. You’ll even want to monitor temperature—so if you’re, say, a Clear Lake fat graft patient, you’ll want to try to stay in air conditioning. In fact, if you opt for a fat graft butt augmentation, you might need to avoid strenuous (fat burning) activity for up to eight weeks. And you’ll definitely want to check in with your doctor before you resume such activities.

You’ll have a little bit more flexibility if you chose for artificial implants, but you will still need to adhere to your surgeon’s recovery instructions. Whether you’re getting implants or a fat graft, the idea is to protect your health along with your new assets.

In the end, we want you to have the confidence to turn heads with your rear end.