Summary: The internet is bursting with people that are unhappy with some aspect of their bodies. The misconception, of course, is that someone might be unhappy with his or her body. The reality is that often—very often—people are simply unhappy with one particular aspect of their bodies. Lately, the target of that dissatisfaction seems to be the butt. The great part about plastic surgery is that we can target just one area—just that area you want to change.


Celebrity Support

Chrissy Teigen is known almost as much for her humorous Twitter feed as she is for her modeling. Thankfully, it’s not a contest, so I can easily point out that she’s been on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and she hosts an MTV cooking show called Snack off! In a recent interview with Esquire magazine, Teigen noted, perhaps jokingly, that she doesn’t like her butt—that she wishes it was bigger and/or rounder.

Butt Augmentation

It turns out, butt augmentation is a thing. Now, we’re not suggesting that Chrissy Teigen—international swimsuit model—needs a butt augmentation from a top New Jersey plastic surgeon. But the fact that even she admits to a bit of unhappiness with some part of her body is good time to point out that she’s not alone, that many women—and men—feel compelled to enhance one part or another of their bodies. In other words, it’s okay to want a butt augmentation.

What the Procedure Looks Like

You’ve sort of got two options with butt augmentation: artificial implants or a fat graft (sometimes called a fat transfer). A butt implant is much like a breast implant—it’s a medical device implanted under the tissue to give you a bigger rear end, in the shape and size that you’re looking for. A fat graft is a specific type of implant which uses your own fat—donated from a different area of your body—to give you that ample behind.

Each technique and implant type has its own strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll definitely want to check with your plastic surgeon to see what’s right for the look you desire.

What Recovery Looks Like

The funny thing about your rear end is that you use it almost every day, just by sitting. This can make recovery a bit uncomfortable. Indeed, having a job where you sit all day, every day may even prolong your recovery slightly. Still, most plastic surgeons will give you a time frame of 7-10 days before you can get back to your life (or, most of it). If you’re getting a fat graft, it may take a bit longer, up to two weeks. It’s important to let your body set the pace of your recovery and, of course, to listen to the instructions given to you by your plastic surgeon.

The Benefits

In the end, you’ll be left with the rear end you want. Or, at least, you’ll end up a little closer to it. It’s important, after all, to keep realistic expectations. It’s worth noting that butt augmentations have a very high rate of patient satisfaction—and many of those patients report an increase in quality of life after the procedure.

For most patients, it’s really about getting the body you want and happiness you deserve. If you’re thinking of increasing the size and roundness of your rear end, get started by talking to your plastic surgeon today.