Breast reduction surgery is a plastic surgery procedure with one of the highest rates of patient satisfaction. Having overly large breasts can create physical discomfort and cause negative effects on the self-image of women who suffer with the condition. Dr. Camille Cash is a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers breast reduction for Houston area women and understands what her patients are going through when considering the procedure. We recently had a chance to discuss the breast reduction with Dr. Cash and wanted to share some insights provided from our interview:

What’s involved in a breast reduction procedure?

Dr. Camille Cash: Breast reduction, which is also known as reduction mammoplasty, is an effective solution for women who experience pain and discomfort due to the relative weight and size of their breasts. Typically, the procedure involves a “keyhole pattern” to remove the breast tissue and skin. This creates a circular incision around the areola, a vertically incision down to the natural fold of the breast, and typically a horizontal incision along that natural breast fold. Smaller incisions may be used on smaller breasts where less skin and breast tissue needs to be removed. The end result is a smaller, uplifted and more proportionate bust. Your surgeon can help you decide on the best methods for your needs.

The procedure takes anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the size of the breasts, and patients will experience discomfort for the first couple days as the body begins the healing process. Usually, patients return to light activity levels within 1-2 weeks, with most of recovery complete in 6 weeks. Following recovery, most patients find that scarring is easily concealed with bras or bathing suits.

What stories do breast reduction patients typically share following recovery?

Dr. Camille Cash: An important component of my practice, breast reduction has a very high patient satisfaction rate. One of my favorite things is sharing in the delight that breast reduction patients experience when they see the results of their procedures. I consider this an operation not just to make breast smaller, but to reshape them. It is a chance for patients to enjoy their breasts again, instead of feeling like they are a nuisance or a liability. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, women typically report:

– Alleviated neck and back pain
– Reduced irritation underneath and between the breasts
– Increased comfort during physical activity
– Improved self-image and increased confidence

Most patients who have a breast reduction comment that they wish they had done it sooner. For women who are contemplating breast reduction and aren’t sure if the time is right, I’ve shared patient testimonials on my website.

Do you have tips to help women minimize discomfort as they contemplate surgery? What about styling or clothing options?  

Dr. Camille Cash: I truly believe that confidence is one of the best accessories a woman can have – and it goes with every outfit. When it comes to easing discomfort, look for bras with 3 or more hooks and added support. Also, find a specialist who can fit you for a bra and will explain what options are available for your cup size.

While an increased clothing selection is one of the many perks of a breast reduction, there are still a number of ways women who are waiting for surgery can combine function with style.

I recommend choosing a boat neck top in a dark color, and pairing it with bottoms in a bold print or pattern. Also, invest in having a few staple pieces, such as a blazer, tailored to your body. You can mix and match pieces for a range of outfits and for a fun way to express your creativity.

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