Summary: It says more about bras than breast lifts, but a new study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery indicates that women who undergo breast lifts end up shifting down a bra size. The working theory is that women are simply moving to their proper bra size because they’re no longer forced to buy larger bras to accommodate a bit of excess skin.

Dressing up her bra.

Recapturing Your Youthful Perkiness

Many women look for a bra lift because they’re interested in recapturing a more youthful, perkier look. And a breast lift accomplishes this. Indeed, simply by looking at few before and after pictures, you can see that breast lifts are largely very successful. Now comes research published this month in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery that adds a new wrinkle to this: women who undergo bra lifts generally find themselves in a smaller bra post-surgery.

It’s Complicated

But it’s a little more complicated than simply assuming the breast shrunk, on average, a full cup size. (Indeed, a breast lift generally has no effect on breast size.) Rather, it seems that the new cup size, moving from a D-cup to a C-cup for example, more accurately reflected the actual breast size of the woman who received the breast lift. The researchers contend that what is actually happening is that women are wearing their correct bra size, and this accounts for the change after surgery.

Really, it’s the bra’s fault

There’s some sense in this. Bras are generally made for a certain shape of breast, and as one ages, the breast does not always continue to conform to that shape. Indeed, sometimes the extra tissues present before a breast lift can necessitate a larger cup size for comfort.

Once the lift is completed, and some of the excess tissue removed (or placed somewhere else), bras tend to fit better, allowing women to move down a size and still be comfortable. The idea of any breast surgery is to give you the bust you desire, whether it’s larger, smaller, or perkier.

It’s important to discuss your desired shape and size with your plastic surgeon before your operation. The surgeons at ECA Plastic Surgery have noticed that many of their New Jersey breast lift patients have a good idea of what they want, and can come to a consensus. But it might be worth noting that, all other things being equal, you might be wearing a bra that’s too big. Making this clear at the outset will ensure that patients are not disappointed—or think that their breasts have somehow shrunk—because their bra has decreased a size.

Rather, you’re just getting reacquainted with the bra size you’re supposed to be. Talk to a plastic surgeon today and get started on your own breast lift procedure.