Summary: Almost every woman has some degree of asymmetry between her two breasts. However, noticeable asymmetry can be a source of anxiety and lower self-confidence for some women. Luckily, surgical improvement is an option for almost any kind of breast asymmetry. Here’s a deeper look into how breast enhancement can help create symmetry. shutterstock_84693154

The Many Aspects of Asymmetry

When you hear about breast asymmetry, you may think this refers to the breasts not being the same size. While size can be way the breasts are uneven, other differences can exist. The breasts can be shaped differently, one breast can be higher than the other on the chest wall or the nipples can have differences in size or location. Asymmetry can also be created when both sides of the underlying rib cage are not uniform in size and shape.

When to Explore Surgical Correction

Minor to moderate asymmetry can be hardly noticeable and not cause any concern for many women. However, when asymmetry affects the way you feel in intimate situations or is a source of stress or anxiety because of the way bras or clothing fit, then you may want to explore your options to create more symmetry and feel more confident.

How Breast Surgery Can Help

Each individual case of asymmetry will require a unique surgical approach. When asymmetry is relatively mild and is mostly due to differences in volume between the two breasts, breast augmentation can usually correct the asymmetry and deliver a satisfactory result. In these situations, a different size implant is used in each breast to balance out the volume and make the breasts as similar as possible. If the breasts are different sizes and there is some degree of sagging, incorporating a breast lift into your procedure may be the best approach. When asymmetry exists between the two nipples, changing the position of or changing the size or shape of one or both nipples are also common corrections that can deliver more balanced breasts.

Choose the Right Surgeon

Board certification and a vast experience in breast surgery are must-haves when choosing your plastic surgeon. Surgically addressing and correcting breast asymmetry requires an aesthetic eye as well as a deep understanding of breast anatomy. Your surgeon’s experience will have a direct impact on the caliber of results you can expect. During your consultation, don’t leave without all your questions being answered and ask to see before and after pictures of former patients with similar concerns.   Maintaining realistic expectations is important when having breast surgery to address asymmetry. Creating two breasts that are exactly alike in every way isn’t possible, and your goal with your surgery should be improvement, not perfection. Your plastic surgeon can help guide you through the process of deciding what procedures can give you the results you’re hoping for and make sure you maintain realistic expectations about how much improvement breast surgery can provide.