Summary: So many people get breast augmentation every year that it’s sometimes easy to take the popularity of this procedure for granted. But every once in a while it’s worth taking a moment to stop and assess: is breast augmentation worth the costs of these procedures? There’s only one way to find out, of course.

is breast augmentation worth the costs

The Question: Is Breast Augmentation Worth the Costs?

According to statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 200,000 people sign up for a breast augmentation every year. That’s a lot of breast augmentation procedures! That’s especially true when you start tabulating the costs of breast augmentation. But what about the results? Is breast augmentation worth the costs?

In order to clarify, it might be useful if we are clear about what, precisely, we mean by “costs.” Any plastic surgery procedure is going to have a variety of costs associated with it. Those costs certainly include monetary costs; most plastic surgery procedures, after all, are not covered by medical insurance benefits. But there are also costs in terms of time and recovery.

So how does breast augmentation stack up? Is a breast augmentation worth all of these costs? In general, yes, but let’s look at them one by one.

The Monetary Cost of Breast Augmentation

Because aesthetic plastic surgery is largely elective and cosmetic, you’ll likely be footing the bill. In most cases, the cost of your breast augmentation procedure will generally be between $3500 – $4500. That does not include the price of anesthesia or any type of hospital visit.

In other words, the price of your breast augmentation will be highly variable, but you can count on several thousand dollars. Many surgeons will offer financing options to help patients who (understandably) don’t have that kind of money simply lying around.

Is that monetary cost worth it in the case of breast augmentation? Most patients will say that it certainly is—especially with the available financing. Often, when the costs are dispersed over a period of time, the benefits of a breast augmentation seem to have much less in the way of downsides.

And those benefits include:

  • More confidence and a boost to self esteem
  • A more pronounced or symmetrical bust line
  • Breasts that appear more youthful
  • Being able to find clothing that fits better
  • A more proportional frame

Only the individual patient can decide whether or not those particular benefits (and the benefits not listed) are worth the monetary cost.

The Other Costs of Breast Augmentation

As mentioned above, monetary costs are not the only costs associated with a breast augmentation procedure. According to the website of the Houston breast augmentation specialists at South Shore Plastic Surgery, patients can expect to take nearly a week off of work for their recovery process. And that’s just to get back to work.

Because surgeons have gone a long ways in terms of making a breast augmentation less invasive, the procedure is also one that many patients bounce back from quite quickly. There’s only minimal discomfort, and your surgeon will usually give you a plan for dealing with that.

But you still need to take your recovery seriously. It’s important that ensure you follow your surgeon’s recovery instructions because that is what will help protect your final results.

Taking the time to recover is its own kind of cost. You might have to miss out on some things (such as exercise) while your body heals. That’s not a deal breaker for most patients, but it’s certainly something to consider.

Only You Can Decide if it’s Worth it

Currently, breast augmentation has an astronomically high “worth it” rating on That’s not surprising. There are plenty of benefits to this procedure—and it’s one of those procedures that few people are likely to actually get if they don’t, you know, want the results in the first place.

Simply because there are costs associated with something doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing. There are costs associated with going to a baseball game. For fans of baseball, those costs are completely worth it. If you don’t like baseball that will be less true.

What’s important is to be clear about what those costs are. In some cases, only your plastic surgeon will be able to give you accurate depictions of what those costs will be. After all, some of those costs will depend on your body type, or what kind of implant you want, or what incision technique will work best for you.

There are a lot of variables, which means each patient will have different “costs” associated with the procedure. Your surgeon will be able to tell you what those costs will mean to you. And then it will be up to you to decide if the benefits associated with breast augmentation will be worth those costs.