Summary: A new study released in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery indicates that women who undergo a breast augmentation procedure notice an improved quality of life after. This echoes the principle reasons women undergo such procedures, and can be used in conversations with family and friends about those reasons.

24-Hour Breast Augmentation

The Quality of Life

Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the United States, but it can also be one of the most contentious. Those who have a narrow understanding—those who think of it as a “boob job”—often see breast augmentations in terms of shallow sex appeal. But new research is offering some insight into what many cosmetic surgeons already anecdotally knew: breast augmentation can directly improve a patient’s quality of life.

According to results published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, women who previously rated their breast satisfaction near 25/100 generally increased their scores to 80/100 or so after surgery. And while older women tended to have less pronounced satisfaction, the results for other women were across the board—sexual, psychosocial, etc—improved.

This information can help you make your case. Look, it’s no secret that those who undergo cosmetic surgery can be judged harshly for doing so, and they can meet some pretty stiff resistance from friends and family who hold strong reservations

But there’s ammunition in this study. It echoes the way you feel about these things. It’s not about what anybody else says, it’s about the way you feel in your own skin. It’s not about giving your boyfriend bigger boobs, it’s about feeling good in your own body, feeling empowered to change the things you would like to change, to look how you want to look. According to East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery, in Hoboken, New Jersey, women turn to breast augmentation for a variety of reasons: to correct asymmetries, to replace volume lost by weight loss, or increase the size of small or underdeveloped breasts.

Having the Discussion

It really is about improving your quality of life. So you can use this research to back-up your own feelings, especially when discussing your breast augmentation with your family and friends, who might be curious about your motivations.

Here are some tips for discussing your breast augmentation with your family and friends:
• Emphasize that this is your decision, and that you’ve carefully considered all the alternatives
• Emphasize that you are doing this for you, and not for anyone else
• Discuss the specifics of the recovery (focusing on specifics will steer the conversation away from more general, possibly judgmental areas).
• If someone disagrees with your decision, that’s okay: thank that person for his or her honesty and remember that it’s not your job to change anyone’s mind.
• Remember that it’s about quality of life

This isn’t always going to be an easy conversation to have, by its nature. But now you have some hard research to back up your viewpoints. And you have this, too: You aren’t alone. Many women undergo breast augmentation procedures, and a large percentage of them find a huge improvement in their quality of life. With your breast augmentation, you could find that same improvement.

To talk to someone about breast augmentation in New Jersey and the surrounding area, you can contact East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery, as that clinic specializes in the area.