Summary: A new study has shown that women who have undergone a breast augmentation/implant procedure report more satisfaction (and more frequency!) with their sex life. That fact alone is likely reason enough to ask your doctor about the procedure.

Get More Satisfaction

Data collected by, the largest community online for sharing information and news about cosmetic surgery, has gotten the results of a pretty interesting poll back and the numbers may (or may not) surprise you. When asked about their sex life, women who had recently had a breast augmentation procedure reported that the sex was better and more frequent after their surgery compared to before. On a scale of one to ten, patients rated their post-op sex life two whole points higher. This means amazing things are possible with breast augmentation surgery, and if you are considering getting implants the benefits may be even better than you originally signed up for.

Confidence is the Key

While these results may be surprising to you, they aren’t to doctors. Milwaukee Cosmetic surgeons see patients leave their offices more confident every day, and confidence is a key factor to having a great sex life. The statistics of the study are very fun and very hopeful for those who have been considering implants for themselves. The poll on reported that 61% of women reported that they had more sex after their implant procedure. Frequency is one of the main complains both genders seem to have when it comes to their sex lives. Now that you know this information, isn’t it making you curious about breast augmentation?

Procedures, Results

Feeling great about your breasts will boost your confidence and improve your sex life. While breast implants are a very popular form of augmentation, it isn’t the only one. Below are some other breast procedures that may improve your confidence, too:

Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer: Instead of a silicone or saline implant, some women are choosing the fat transfer technique to increase their bust line. Less invasive and more natural looking, the fat transfer procedure will make you look and feel great, too!

Breast Reduction:  Implants and increasing size gets a lot of attention, but some of us have breasts that are too large and make us uncomfortable. Reducing the size of your breasts could make you more confident and help you to express yourself inside and outside of the bedroom.

Breast Lift: Sagging is the worst. Nothing makes you feel less confident than breasts that hang much lower than they should. With a breast lift procedure, you will look and feel younger. Just think of the possibilities…

If you are considering any type of augmentation, you should discuss your desired results with a doctor. He will work closely with you to determine just which procedures will give you the final look you desire. No matter what you choose, it’s a well-known fact that the results will make you feel amazing in more ways than one.

Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

If you’ve been considering breast augmentation, the poll numbers that show that implants and other surgeries improve the quality and quantity of your sex life is probably starting to make you come around. 70% of patients polled on the website said that they saw an improvement to their sex life. With numbers like that, what do you possibly have to lose? Take a chance… who knows what will happen as a result!

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