Summary: It may seem like a simple truth, but there are numbers now to back it up: breast augmentation procedures can improve your sex life. Patients reported more satisfaction and more frequency, an amazing change you’d be crazy to pass up!

Feels So Good is the largest online community for cosmetic surgery news and information sharing. The results of their recent study are pretty interesting, and the results probably won’t surprise you. When post-op patients who had undergone a breast augmentation were polled, they reported that their sex life was now better and more frequent. They asked patients to rate their sex life before and after on a scale of one to ten, and the post-op opinion were that their situations had improved by two whole points thanks to implants. The benefits of this surgery keep getting better and better…


Be Confident in Your Skin

Doctors aren’t surprised by the results of this poll in the slightest. Cosmetic surgeons have seen patients leave their offices happier and more confident for years, and those factors play a huge role in your sex life. These statistics bring hope to those considering undergoing an augmentation procedure. The poll on reported that a staggering 61% of women asked said that they were having more sex now than before their procedure. Since frequency is one of the most common complains of both men and women about their sex life, why not use this information when weighing the pros and cons of augmentation?

Options for a Better Life

Confidence in your breasts will improve your self-image, and your sex life. But implants aren’t the only augmentation out there. Below are some other procedures that may better suit you and give you that boost you need:

  • Breast Reduction: While some women seek out enhancement, some want to reduce the size of their breasts to become more confident. Breasts that are too large are uncomfortable and a reduction could make you feel better and sexier, too!
  • Breast Lift: Sagging is not sexy. To make the breasts you currently have even better, a lift could be done that would make you appear younger and feeling amazing. Imagine what you could do with a youthful new body!
  • Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer: Silicone and saline implants aren’t for everyone. With a fat transfer procedure you can enhance your bust line in a more natural, less invasive way. By taking fat from one area and transferring it to your breasts, you could have an overall body makeover that might just put that spring back into your step.

Surgeons like Dr.  Moises Salama of Elite Plastic Surgery in Miami will help you to decide which breast augmentation procedure is best for you depending on your desired results. No matter which technique you choose, you are guaranteed to get results that will make you feel amazing. Your sex life will definitely thank you!

Jump Right In

70% of the patients polled said they saw an improvement to the sex they were having, whether it was in the quality, quantity, or both. If you have been considering breast implants or augmentation, why not take these n umbers into consideration. You have nothing to lose, and a better sex life to gain. Who knows what could happen as a result of a sexy new you!

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