Summary: Women of all shapes and sizes love the benefits of breast augmentation, which has been the top performed plastic surgery procedure in the U.S. for the last couple years and one of the top five procedures since 2000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Each woman has her own goals and ideal look, but women seeking breast enhancement share the same desire to achieve fuller breasts that accentuate the figure. What that looks like for each woman, though, is up to her anatomy and the expertise of her plastic surgeon to craft the best look for her body type whether banana, apple, pear or hourglass.


1. Breast Implants for Banana Body Types

Women who have a banana body shape tend to be evenly proportioned through the chest, waist and hips with similar measurements at each point and a less defined waist. The banana shape closely resembles the hourglass body type, though without the more dramatic nip in at the waist.

Breast enhancement gives the illusion of a more defined waist by increasing the size of the breasts and adding contours to your shape. Your plastic surgeon may recommend high profile implants to achieve the volume you want while accommodating the smaller breast base and narrower chest that is common in banana shapes.

2. Breast Implants on an Apple Body Shape

A wider chest and broader shoulders that slightly taper to your waist characterize the apple body type. Apple shapes may have fuller, less contoured waists and can have larger breasts. Women who have an apple figure and small breasts may feel that their shape isn’t balanced.

Breast augmentation can provide that balance, bringing added fullness to your breasts that helps your waist look sleeker and more defined and works with your hips to create more of an hourglass shape. Your broader chest makes you an ideal candidate for low profile implants because you have a wide enough base to spread more volume over a greater area for results that look and feel very natural.

3. Pear Shaped Bodies and Breast Implants

The pear body type features hips that are wider than your shoulders with a well-defined waist in between. This variation in size can make it frustrating to find clothes that fit well but the triangle shape places you halfway to an hourglass figure that can be attained through breast enhancement.

Breast implants can highlight the waist and create harmony in your figure by evening out your proportions and transforming your figure into an hourglass shape. To achieve the best and most natural results, your plastic surgeon may recommend moderate to low profile implants that have a wider base than high profile implants.

4. Breast Augmentation in an Hourglass Body Shape

One of the most envied shapes, the hourglass figure has long been a standard of beauty. Women of all shapes and sizes chase this look of a balanced chest and hips with a pronounced waist.

Breast augmentation enhances this look, playing off your contours to create more dramatic curves and a fuller figure. If you have a wide enough base, moderate or low profile breast implants may help you achieve the best results.

The Expert Opinion

As you plan your breast augmentation, select a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement and will keep your body type and goals in mind. Relying on an expert to guide you in choosing the right breast implant for your shape can help you achieve the best results for you and your figure.