The Popularity of Butt Augmentation

One of the most popular procedures on the market today is the Brazilian Butt Lift. But why is the Brazilian Butt Lift so popular? Is it the results the procedures gets? Or is it the procedure itself? After all, aren’t there other ways to get a butt augmentation? We’ll take a look at what makes this butt lift such a popular technique.

The Popularity of Butt Augmentation

There’s no denying the absolute splash that Brazilian Butt Lifts have made. They’re among the most popular plastic surgery procedure on the market today. And the Brazilian Butt Lift is a relatively novel procedure. That is, it’s not quite as mature as something like a breast lift or a breast augmentation.

So the popularity of a Brazilian Butt Lift is quite striking, especially when you take that into account. That begs a particular question: why? Why is Brazilian Butt Lift so popular? What does it offer patients that other procedures do not? Those are good questions. Let’s take a look at some possible answers—let’s take a look at what makes Brazilian Butt Lift such a popular procedure.

The Results of a Brazilian Butt Lift

The results of a Brazilian Butt Lift are difficult to argue with. Most patients end up with a significantly rounder, larger rear end. And, of course, that’s good, because that’s the overall goal of the procedure! In other words, the patient wanted a bigger butt, and the patient got a bigger butt.

It’s not just the size of the rear end that matters to patients. It’s also the shape of the butt that matters. And that’s why plastic surgeons put a lot of time and energy into ensuring the roundness of the rear end. Most patients that are looking at a Brazilian Butt Lift are interested not only in achieving a size increase, but also in achieving that desired overall roundness.

Difficult Results to Achieve Naturally

One of the primary reasons why these results are so coveted is because they are particularly difficult to achieve using natural means. When most people think about natural ways to “sculpt” their bodies, they think primarily about diet and exercise. And there are certainly ways to increase the size of the buttocks using exercise.

However, most of those exercises are quite difficult and do not offer particularly quick results. In other words, getting a larger, rounder rear end using exercise takes a ton of time, energy, and commitment. Not everyone has the time, energy, and commitment necessary to do that. And that’s where plastic surgery comes in.

How Brazilian Butt Lift Works

Another factor that drives the popularity of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is the technique itself. Brazilian Butt Lifts are minimally invasive (though they still do require surgery). There are basically three phases to any Brazilian Butt Lift:

  • Liposuction: Because a Brazilian Butt Lift is essentially a fat graft procedure, it all starts with liposuction. During the liposuction, a small incision will be made and the fat will be removed through a cannula. (That this fat is removed from a location that you want to slim down is an added bonus.)
  • Injections: Brazilian Butt Lift procedures are actually accomplished via a series of injections. And when I say “series,” I really do mean a significant number of injections. Most butt lift procedures require hundreds of injections in order to achieve the desired final result. The reason for this is that the results look more natural and effective when the injections are spread out (you would definitely not want all of your injections in one place).
  • Recovery: Butt Lift recovery is not necessarily an especially painful or uncomfortable one (especially compared to a procedure such as a tummy tuck, for example). But it is a recovery stage in which patients do need to be a little extra careful. Patients are often counseled not to sit on their rear end for several weeks after the procedure. That’s in order to help protect the results and give the fat some time to “settle” into its new home.

Big Butts Are In

One of the primary reasons why Brazilian Butt Lifts are in high demand today is simply because larger rear ends are considered fashionable today. That wasn’t always the case (and there will probably come a time when the pendulum again swings in the other direction). For now, though, larger butts are definitely fashionable.

There are plenty of reasons for this, from the popularity of Beyoncé to larger cultural and social shifts within our population. Whatever the reasons, people with larger butts are finding themselves as the kind of role model for attractive proportions.

For those people who are not naturally endowed with larger rear ends, this can be frustrating. There’s only so far that diet and exercise can take you. That’s why Brazilian Butt Lift is so incredibly popular these days.