Summary: Your wedding is going to be a big day, and there’s a natural impulse to look your best for the occasion. Yielding to this impulse isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as looking your best can inspire a boost of confidence and give way to that satisfaction of having a perfect day. In fact, wedding parties are often going in on plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures together, and we’re not just talking about rhinoplasty for the bride. Everybody gets a little bit of something in these situations—and they all bond over Botox. It’s a little different than the mani-pedi tradition, but there’s something to be said for making people feel good before a big day whether it’s Chicago cosmetic surgery wedding day big or Los Angeles job interview big.

Cosmetic Surgery

A Curious Engagement

To those who are still waiting to take the marital leap, few days can feel as important as your wedding day. (Of course, to those of us who are married, the wedding day seems much less important.) With all of the money spent on hair, dress, catering, photographers, florists and so on, there’s a lot of pressure—on the bride and the bridal party especially—to look good for this once in a lifetime (hopefully) event. Rather than relying on natural good looks and makeup alone, many brides choose to take an extra step and seek out cosmetic procedures or even plastic surgery—not only for the bride, but for the bridal party as well.

Part of this trend can be attributed to the rising average age of brides and grooms alike. People are waiting longer to get married—and that means there are more wrinkles on the face (or eyelids) by the time that magical (we hope) day comes around. Of course, it doesn’t diminish the pressure to look youthful—magical, princess-like and so on. According to a study performed by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, weddings were the most popular event for which one might consider facial plastic or cosmetic surgery.

Surgical and Nonsurgical Alike

The most popular procedure which people thought about undergoing included not only Botox and other dermal fillers, but also facelifts, blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), and even rhinoplasty. As these are exceptionally popular procedures, the trend isn’t terribly surprising. But it certainly illustrates how deeply people want to look good in their wedding pictures. Of course, if you’re thinking about a surgical procedure before your wedding, you’re going to want to be sure to give yourself ample recovery time, as often it may take months for the swelling to completely dissipate and for the scars to diminish.

For more immediate concerns, nonsurgical options are definitely the way to go. In other words, when your wedding is only a month away (or the wedding you’re a bridesmaid in is only a month away), you’re looking at Botox and other nonsurgical cosmetic techniques. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing—Botox tends to be less expensive than invasive surgical procedures, and there are fewer risks involved.

A Group Activity

Wedding parties are upping the ante on cosmetic procedures such as these as well. Rather than a mani-pedi option for familial bonding, wedding parties are engaging in Botox en masse. So, imagine, if you will, a group of bridesmaids or maybe a bride and mother of the groom, getting Botox together to increase those bonds of matrimony. In a way, it’s not that different from a mani-pedi. It’s slightly painful, it looks great, and it takes a few months for the full effect to wear off.

Outside of the social activity aspect of Botox for wedding days, using nonsurgical procedures on important occasions is not really a new trend. Whether it’s a job interview, a television appearance (local or national), an important meeting at work, or an anniversary dinner—heck, even a family dinner, people are recognizing that Botox here and Voluma there is a way to maintain your look and give you a slight boost of confidence, an edge over the competition (whether that competition is your brother in law at a Christmas dinner or another contender for a great new job).

An Expensive Day and a Big Investment

And, of course, this translates to wedding pictures. People spend a lot of money on wedding photography (at my wedding, we spent about $5000… and I’m not especially proud of that, though it was worth every penny). And a component of that photography is, essentially, the people in the picture. A surefire way, many people figure, to get a great shot is to look your best.

This doesn’t mean people should go Botox crazy. In fact, there are many nonsurgical options that candidates should consider before moving forward, as they all have their unique strengths and weaknesses.

  • Botox is great for eliminating most wrinkles—but especially wrinkles caused by years of muscle contraction. The area around your mouth or crow’s feet around the eyes are some of the most commonly selected targets. Botox essentially works by paralyzing those muscles, so the wrinkle disappears.
  • Voluma is used to add volume to selected area. Manufactured by Juvederm, the Voluma product is most often used under the eyes to eliminate the appearance of deep circles. This product, then, produces a kind of energizing final look.
  • Artefill is one of the most long-term solutions available when it comes to dermal fillers. While most dermal fillers are re-absorbed into your system after a period of time, Artefill is specifically engineered so that doesn’t happen, while at the same time encouraging collagen development. The results are naturally-looking and long-lasting.

Well Qualified Cosmetic Surgeons Equal a Successful Look

Only a well-qualified cosmetic surgeon will be able to tell you what specific procedure is the best bet for your desired results. There are many options, of course, and wedding parties shouldn’t necessarily feel as though they all need to get the same procedure or the same treatment. Results are ideal when they are individualized, and the only way to get individualized results is to get individualized treatments.

Whatever the case, it’s safe to say that this trend will continue to grow, from Chicago cosmetic surgery wedding trends to Los Angeles wedding trends, to New York wedding trends. Whatever the event, your cosmetic surgeon should strive to give you the final look you’ve been wanting—and it will give you the edge on your special day, whatever that day may happen to be.