Summary: Weight loss isn’t easy, but it’s also not as hard as it once was. That’s because we’ve come a long way from the one size fits all mentality of losing weight. Rather, we tend to see things on a more individual level these days, acknowledging that it isn’t the same for everyone. That’s why we now have gastric bypass and other bariatric surgeries. Indeed, massive weight loss isn’t even the last step for many. For some, they go on to body contouring. In fact, body contouring is popular after massive weight loss because it increases the effectiveness of both procedures.

body contouring is popular after massive weight loss

Losing Weight Gets Easier Over Time?

It would be inaccurate to say that losing weight is easier than ever. It’s not. Losing weight can take a great deal of discipline and work. It’s hard. But maybe it would be accurate to say that losing weight is more effective than it used to be. There was a time, after all, when strategies shedding pounds consisted of little more than consulting with Jenny Craig and drinking Slim Fast. And those strategies may work for some people—even for many people, but they aren’t for everybody. Some people require other options in order to successfully lose weight. Luckily, today, there are plenty of such options, and many patients are finding losing weight a much more successful experience.

Part of that is due to some surgical options available today, including bariatric surgery and gastric bypass. These procedures are designed to, essentially, shrink the size of the stomach. You feel full, but you’re actually eating significantly less than you were before the surgery. Of course, you still need to be disciplined and thoughtful about how much you eat. If you over eat, you’ll stretch out your stomach again and you’ll be back in the same place. Granted, bariatric surgeries usually have a very high success rate, explaining why they’re such a popular option among many patients.

Body Contouring is Popular After Massive Weight Loss

Generally, bariatric surgery is only the first step. Many patients find that, after they’ve lost a sufficient amount of weight, they’re left with a significant amount of excess skin. This skin can be exceptionally disappointing. A lot of work and effort goes into losing weight—and that extra skin can feel like an unpleasant reminder. It can keep you from wearing shorts or tank tops and it can interfere with exercise. This excess skin can be almost as uncomfortable as the original excess weight. Indeed, the excess skin can almost be worse, as no amount of diet or exercise can eliminate it.

The solution for many patients, then, is another surgical procedure specifically developed to help those patients combatting excess skin. This procedure is called body contouring, or, in some cases, more specifically: body contouring after massive weight loss. During this procedure, excess tissue is removed and the remaining tissue is pulled taut, so your skin has an overall tighter and (as an added bonus) more youthful look. This can help a lot of patients feel as though their weight loss journey is finally complete.

Sometimes There’s a Long Recovery Period

But it’s also not the always the easiest thing to accomplish. Body contouring after weight loss requires a fairly large incision, and there can be a considerable amount of recovery involved. Indeed, after body contouring many patients will require several weeks of recovery before they can resume more strenuous normal activities, though you should be up and walking around in a few days. That said, most patients feel as though the results are worth this recovery. Indeed, patients who end up receiving body contouring after a massive weight loss surgery report keeping the weight off longer, possibly because they have a higher “worth it” factor than those who have to deal with residual excess tissue.

That helps explain why body contouring is growing in popularity. It’s not always covered by insurance, of course, but then again—neither is bariatric surgery in the first place. Body contouring after weight loss is available at many plastic surgery clinics, and through many plastic surgeons. However, you want to make sure you choose a plastic surgeon that will give you the best chance of achieving your desired results. In most cases, those surgeons will be those who are board certified plastic surgeons.

But it’s Worth it

According to the website of Clear Lake TX body contouring experts at South Shore Plastic Surgery, body contouring after weight loss is a procedure that generally engenders a high-degree of satisfaction. In other words, despite the long recovery period, most patients feel as though body contouring is a great way to finish their weight loss journeys. This can be the end of a long ordeal, although a healthy lifestyle is necessary to maintain those results. Just as a return to overeating can ruin the results of bariatric surgery, so too can it ruin the results of a body contouring surgery.

So if you’re going through your own weight loss journey, body contouring may be the way for you to go in order to complete that journey (or, at least, to feel closer to completion). If you’re interested in body contouring surgeries, talk to your plastic surgeon today. Starting the conversation can make a big difference.