Summary: Most of us are probably pretty familiar with the phrase, “Go big or go home,” right? It can be applied to so many things: accomplishing a goal, running that extra mile, maybe even buying a car or home. It might seem intuitive, then, that if you’re springing for a breast enhancement, you should go as big as you can. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

When it comes to breast implant size, bigger really isn’t always better. In fact, in most cases, choosing smaller, more modest implants may offer smoother, more natural-looking results. Fortunately, whether you’re just beginning your breast augmentation journey, or even if you’ve realized that you may have already gone a little too big, there are a variety of tools and tips to help you achieve the perfect size and shape for you.

Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Unlike a home or car, breast implants need to match each woman’s unique body type and shape. For this reason, an implant size that looks perfectly natural for one woman may be entirely too large for another. Work with your cosmetic surgeon to choose a size that complements your natural features and body proportions.

The key to beautiful breast augmentation results is selecting a breast implant size that enhances your natural shape.

Another important factor to consider is your lifestyle. More and more women are adopting fit, active lifestyles to improve their overall health, wellness and physique. If maintaining this type of lifestyle is important to you, it’s in your best interest to consider a smaller implant size that will allow you to keep hitting the gym without getting in the way. In fact, this is one of the many reasons why smaller breast implants have become the latest trend.

Once You’ve Gone Big, Can You Go Back?

If your breast augmentation is complete and you’re unhappy with the size of your implants, there are ways to remedy this concern. Through a revision breast augmentation, your cosmetic surgeon can remove your existing implants and replace them with a more desirable size. If there is excess or loose skin as a result of this procedure, you can add a slight breast lift to create a smoother and tighter appearance.

In the case of saline implants, a revision procedure could be as simple as inserting a needle into your implant and removing some of the saline solution inside. Just be sure to work with an experienced cosmetic surgeon to ensure that you get the beautiful, nature-looking results you want.

Choosing the Right Breast Implant Size

If you’re still trying to decide what breast implant size is the best fit for you, there are a few sizing tools that can help you make your decision. Rice sizer bras can help you to visualize what your final results might look like. Your cosmetic surgeon will also take precise measurements of your body, which will also factor into your decision.

As a general rule of thumb, shorter, more petite women may want to err on the smaller side, whereas taller women with broader shoulders may be able to go a bit bigger. The bottom line here is that choosing the right size will highly depend on your natural curves, body type and lifestyle. Remember, too, that your cosmetic surgeon is an expert, so when in doubt, seek his or her professional opinion.