Summary: The desire to look more youthful and refreshed brings hundreds of thousands of women and men to plastic surgeons each year. A combination of sun damage, hereditary factors and the natural aging process can all cause your face to appear a little heavier, more tired or increasingly aged with each passing birthday. While a facelift is sometimes necessary to achieve your goal of looking younger, the many  nonsurgical facelift alternatives that are available today can allow a number of patients to enhance their appearance without surgery.

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What Is Facial Rejuvenation?

Facial rejuvenation isn’t just a fancy word for facelift, but instead refers to a customized approach that can include surgical procedures, nonsurgical treatments or combination of the two in order to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results

Historically, patients typically sought intervention from a plastic surgeon only after the signs of aging had already taken their toll. For years, most efforts to look younger were reactive in nature and not much emphasis was placed on preventative measures. Today, there are many ways patients can slow down the visible evidence of aging.

I understand that no two patients are the same, and each person comes to me with his or her own unique concerns and aesthetic goals. For instance, patients in their twenties and thirties are too young to consider a facelift but may still be troubled by the arrival of crow’s feet, forehead furrows or laugh lines. BOTOX® and injectable fillers can be great options for those patients who aren’t ready for surgery just yet, but who want to be proactive in their anti-aging efforts.

A Conservative Approach to Facelifts

Many aspects of facial aging, such as prominent jowls, “turkey neck” or moderate to severe sagging skin, are beyond the scope of nonsurgical treatments and can only be corrected with a facelift. When a facelift is required to address a patient’s concerns, I educate my patients on my comprehensive philosophy that I believe is the best solution for achieving natural-looking results.

When a surgeon performs a facelift improperly, the outcome can be the dreaded “wind tunnel” look, making it obvious to everyone you’ve had facial surgery. That is why it is important to individualize your surgery to restore a natural, subtle rejuvenation through repositioning of tissues and restoration of facial volume, rather than simply pulling and tucking skin aggressively.  You and I will work together before your surgery to be sure you have realistic expectations about your results. As with all methods of facial rejuvenation, a facelift should help you look more youthful and refreshed without looking like you’ve had surgery.

Combining Facelifts with Nonsurgical Treatments

Usually, my patients come to me with more than one concern when it comes to the appearance of their faces. Facial rejuvenation is rarely a one-procedure-fixes-all proposition, and a comprehensive approach is instead the best way to deliver the kind of overall improvement that will truly exceed your expectations.

For example, combining a facelift with a lip augmentation may be ideal for a woman who’s frustrated by a saggy jowl area as well as lips that have noticeably thinned with age. If your skin tone is dull and splotchy, a chemical peel in conjunction with your facelift can freshen and brighten your complexion in addition to improving skin laxity.

Nonsurgical treatments can also be a great way to prolong the results of your facelift. BOTOX® can keep the redevelopment of fine lines at bay to keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free, while procedures that promote collagen production, like Ultherapy®, can strengthen and bolster the integrity of the skin’s support system and help your results last longer.

Whether surgical or nonsurgical, the key to truly effective facial rejuvenation is to always customize the treatments to match your specific goals.