Plastic surgery is an incredibly powerful tool. But sometimes it can be a little, well, too powerful. It’s funny, in the world of policy and politics, people always talk about a scalpel as an accurate way to solve problems. And it is—don’t get me wrong. Modern plastic surgeons can do amazing things with a scalpel, and they’re incredibly accurate.

But plastic surgery isn’t for everyone. In fact, many patients are better served by “alternative” procedures—procedures that don’t use a scalpel and suture. These non-invasive procedures don’t always get bold or big results, but they are able to achieve a certain amount of subtlety and they offer very quick recovery.

So let’s take a look at some of these non surgical alternative procedures.

non surgical alternatives of 2016

CoolSculpting as an Alternative for Liposuction

Liposuction is an excellent procedure for getting rid of unwanted fat. However, you can laid up for several days because of a liposuction procedure (and swelling can persist for several weeks). At the end of the day, for some patients, getting rid of a tiny bit of fat that way isn’t worth it.

That’s where CoolSculpting comes in. CoolSculpting is a device that exposes your body to extreme temperatures—extreme cold. The nice thing is that your skin can take it. The fat beneath your skin cannot. The fat cells shrink to the point of breaking down.

In other words, CoolSculpting allows you to get rid of some fat without having to go in for surgery. The downside is that it can take several weeks to see results and those results are almost always quite subtle. But for patients looking to lose just a little bit of extra fat here and there—and who don’t have any time during the day to lose—CoolSculpting may be the way to go.

Non Surgical Nose Job as an Alternative to Rhinoplasty

One of our favorite non surgical procedures (or alternatives) is non surgical rhinoplasty. See, surgical rhinoplasty can get huge and bold results—but it can take almost a year to recover from fully (you’ll be back at work in a week or two, but that’s only half the battle). And sometimes the results aren’t great.

Non surgical nose job procedures essentially inject your nose with dermal fillers. This changes the shape of your nose in a relatively safe and easy way. You can see the results right away and you can comment on them if you like them or change them if you don’t.

As with all procedures, there’s a downside: the results are temporary. That can be a buzzkill for some patients, but for others it can actually be a good thing. Sometimes it’s nice to take your new nose out for a test drive before getting the surgery done. In other instances, it’s just nice to be able to get in, get your nose fixed, and get out quick.

Microneedling Instead of a Facelift?

Our last procedure we’re going to look at today is Microneedling. Sometimes your face is getting a few wrinkles and lines—not enough for a facelift, but you still want to look a little bit younger. Now, Microneedling (sometimes performed under the name “SkinPen”) does cause some damage to your skin.

In fact, that’s the whole point. Microneedling makes numerous tiny incisions in the face. These incisions are not deep, nor do they cause any damage, but they kind of trick your skin into going into repair mode. With nothing to actually repair, all of those rejuvenating chemicals are used to restore your skin to its more youthful glory.

Your skin will be red for several days after the procedure, so you’ll want to be sure to account for that.

The Best Non Surgical Alternatives of 2016

In the end, whether you get plastic surgery or whether you get one of these non surgical alternatives is up to you. Much will depend on your desired final results and the best way to achieve them. But you should also take into consideration how much time you want to spend on recovery.

These few procedures are just a sample of what’s available today. Some of it will work better than other procedures, of course. There’s nothing more tried and true than plastic surgery—but these non surgical alternatives are definitely starting to make a strong showing.