Can You Get Cosmetic Surgery Without Downtime?

The best cosmetic procedures with no downtime might surprise you in terms of how effective they are. While it’s a good rule of thumb, the effectiveness of a procedure is not always tied to the amount of downtime you’ll need to endure. In fact, the inverse may be true for some patients. It all depends on what you want to get out of your cosmetic surgery treatment. Sometimes, the best cosmetic procedures with no downtime will offer you the best results possible.

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Cosmetic surgery has never been more popular. But one of the downsides to plastic and cosmetic surgery is the downtime. You need to recover after every procedure. At least, that used to be true. Now there are some procedures that let you get back out into the world right away. That’s why we’re looking at the best cosmetic procedures with no downtime.

What Are the Best Cosmetic Procedures with No Downtime?

Though, we should make clear that every procedure–no matter what it might be–will have certain instructions for patients after the treatment is complete. Even if you can go back to your normal activities, you’ll still likely be given recovery instructions–even if those instructions don’t limit 99% of your normal daily activities.

Most of these cosmetic procedures are designed to yield mostly subtle results. And many of those results will likely be temporary (depending on the procedure). For some patients, the ability to go about their daily lives after a cosmetic procedure makes that all worth it. So let’s look at some of the best cosmetic procedures with no downtime.

Injectables With No Downtime

Most patients are going to be able to resume their normal, daily activities after a session with injectables. There might be some variability, largely because the term “injectables” covers so much ground. (There are so many injectables out there.) But let’s take a look at a few of them and see what you can do without any need for recovery:

  • Botox: Most patients can undergo Botox injections without having to worry about a recovery period. Botox is used to temporarily mitigate lines and wrinkles that develop around the face–especially wrinkles like concentration lines or smile and frown lines.
  • Dermal Fillers: As you age, your face can appear to lose volume. It’s actually not happening–rather, you are gaining some excess skin. But whatever the cause, dermal filler injections can help you appear more youthful again, diminishing lines and wrinkles and returning a youthful glow to the face.
  • Kybella: This is actually an injectable that’s effectively permanent. Kybella is used to eliminate excess fat around the jawline. Known medically as “submental fat,” this is the excess tissue that causes men and women to have a so-called double chin. Kybella, for most patients, can effectively eliminate that double chin.

Depending on which injectable treatment you’re undergoing, you’ll be in and out of most offices in less than thirty minutes (assuming everything goes according to plan). Every injectable has the potential to cause some mild bruising or swelling. But most patients are allowed to resume most normal activities immediately following their appointments.

Energy Treatments with No Downtime

Most laser and microneedling treatments will require a couple days of rest afterwards–if only because they tend to cause a significant amount of redness following your appointment. But there are some directed energy treatments that most patients can walk away from with little to no problem.

  • Coolsculpting: For most patients, Coolsculpting is an incredibly easy procedure designed to eliminate pockets of fat using nothing but extreme cold. You simply sit for a couple of hours while the technician works his or her magic. Most patients are able to resume normal activities immediately after Coolsculpting (although, occasionally, patients can experience enough discomfort to keep them in bed for a bit).
  • Laser Hair Removal: One of the more popular laser options these days is the laser hair removal procedure. You never have to worry about shaving again! (Probably.) It can take up to four treatments to ensure you get the best possible results, but most patients are able to resume their normal, daily activities right after their treatment is finished. So, there’s zero to minimal downtime associated with laser hair removal.

Sometimes Downtime is Worth it

It’s important to note that, sometimes, downtime can be worth it. It’s more important that you select the right procedure for you–in totality–than selecting the easiest procedure to accomplish. At least, sometimes.

Ultimately, you’ll have to consult with your cosmetic surgeon about the best way to proceed. Sometimes your life is simply too busy for downtime. In other cases, that downtime will really be worth it in terms of the results you’ll be able to achieve.

The best cosmetic procedures with no downtime might be just the right fit for you. The only way to find out for sure is to talk to your cosmetic surgeon about what you want. And the sooner those conversations start, the more quickly–downtime or not–you’ll be able to enjoy your cosmetic surgery results.

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