Summary: Many men are uncomfortable or insecure when it comes to cosmetic surgery. This wife’s story explains how rhinoplasty greatly improved her husband’s quality of life and the quality of their relationship.


My husband and I recently celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary. Tradition suggested I purchase something bronze for this very special occasion, but I decided to break with advice from Hallmark and go with plastic. Not a plastic gift card, new video game controller, or TV, but plastic surgery — rhinoplasty, in fact. It turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever done for him. Before you judge me, allow me to explain why.

Once upon a time, before we had kids, and before we were even married for that matter, there was time for a lot of pick-up games on the basketball court with friends. During one of these afternoons, he caught an elbow to the face and wound up at the doctor’s office with a fractured nose. After a few weeks, the swelling went down and the bruising faded away, but his nose never looked the same again. A hump remained on the bridge where a perfect slope used to be.

None of this bothered me. In fact, I found it endearing. And at first, it didn’t seem to bother him. All of that changed after we received the professional photos from our wedding day, and again when our son was born with “his old nose.” He became less confident. He hated having his picture taken. He’d try different angles, different glasses, and even hats behind which to hide. Trying to help, I suggested rhinoplasty early on after learning that our hometown of Toronto is home to internationally renowned specialists including Dr. Richard Rival. I think he wanted help, but he was a bit too insecure to take it at that point. He perceived plastic surgery as something women do to look pretty. He was embarrassed to schedule a consultation.

So, for our recent anniversary, I scheduled one for him. After a little convincing, we went together. He was comforted by the digital imaging technology, which allowed us to envision his results during this initial appointment. Soon, he signed on. The surgery went smoothly. In just about a week, the stitches were removed and his mild discomfort had eased. What remained was his old nose — natural, not “worked on” as he had feared.

There is a quote that goes “happy wife, happy life,” which I know to be true. Similarly, a confident husband is a content husband. The bonus is, not only is he more confident, but he also feels better. It turns out the fracture from all those years ago caused him to have a deviated septum, which means the bone and cartilage dividing the nasal cavity were misaligned. Today, he is less often congested, gets fewer sinus infections, nosebleeds, and headaches, and can breathe easier. He also sleeps better and snores less (this also a happy wife makes).

It’s really no wonder that rhinoplasty is so popular among both men and women. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there were nearly 27,000 nose surgeries performed on men in the U.S. in 2013, making it the third-most popular surgical procedure behind liposuction and eyelid surgery.

Today, when we talk about his surgery, my husband says something that I wear like a medal: “Honey, you were right.” That is pure gold, and I got it just 42 years earlier than tradition suggests.