Summary: The benefits of facial plastic surgery are fairly well documented. From a brow lift to a facelift, these procedures can make you look and feel more youthful. And we aren’t the only ones noticing. At the recent Golden Globes, Brad Pitt was sported looking much more youthful than he used to. The only explanation is, of course, some kind of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery procedure. This isn’t terribly surprising—either way, we can’t help but appreciate just how great and natural Pitt’s results look.

facial plastic surgery benefits

Famous for playing the reverse-aging character, Benjamin Button (among other things), Brad Pitt seems to be living up to the legend. Okay, look, he’s probably the most famous actor of our time—and a good portion of that fame comes from the way he looks. Brad Pitt is blessed with the kind of face just about everyone finds attractive, possessing a certain amount of classical aesthetic beauty and modern rugged handsomeness. But even the golden can fade. As the years go on, Pitt has definitely aged. In some ways that’s good, but it’s understandable for an actor partly defined by his looks to start to get a bit nervous at a certain point.

That points seems to have been the recent film, The Big Short, in which Pitt sported a beard. The beard, he seemed to think (according to various “confidential” reports and such), emphasized the lines and wrinkles on his forehead a bit much. As a result, Pitt invested in some cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures. At the Golden Globes, recently, Pitt surprised audiences with his incredibly youthful new look. He looked, frankly, years younger. It’s possible this was a result of well designed makeup, but it’s also quite possible that Pitt received some cosmetic or plastic surgery to make him appear more youthful. Whatever he did, it worked amazingly well.

Plastic Surgery for the Forehead

There are plenty of plastic surgery procedures designed to address the forehead specifically. This is at least partially because skin tends to accumulate, fold, and wrinkle along the forehead in very specific ways, so it sometimes takes very specific treatments to address those issues. Among your forehead plastic surgery options are the following:

  • Facelift: The biggest and boldest move if you’re looking to make your face appear more youthful is to get a facelift procedure. A facelift will, of course, address all aspects of your face, not only your forehead. It is among the best ways to achieve an overall change in the way you look.
  • Forehead Lift or Brow lift: As the name implies, this procedure is designed specifically to address the forehead and brow areas. This means that the deep lines and wrinkles formed along the brow can be treated without making the rest of the face look unnaturally more youthful.
  • Botox Injections: There are non invasive options for your facial anti-aging as well. One of these options is a Botox injection. Botox is designed to eliminate deep wrinkles caused by muscle contractions—and your brow definitely qualifies for that!
  • Dermal Fillers: Some of the issues on the brow are caused by excess skin or lack of volume. One way to address that is to administer more volume. That’s what dermal fillers do, giving patients a more youthful looking appearance, even if it is temporary.

By offering patients both surgical and non-invasive options, plastic and cosmetic surgeons have helped a wide variety of patients achieve excellent results. It’s difficult, of course, to know specifically what treatment Brad Pitt used—but whatever he decided on, it worked wonderfully for him.

Benefits of Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial plastic surgery is always becoming more popular—and this is especially true among men. In fact, male plastic surgery is surging in popularity, in large part because surgeons are finding ways to emphasize masculinity during these procedures. It’s certainly safe to say that Brad Pitt did not lose out on any of his masculinity thanks to his plastic surgery procedure. As a result (or maybe this is the cause), the stigma placed on men who get plastic surgery has lessened significantly. In either case, it’s certainly possible for men to enjoy the results of facial plastic surgery procedures such as facelift and brow lift surgery.

And that’s not all. The possibilities of non-invasive surgeries, such as the non invasive rhinoplasty in Los Angeles that has become quite famous, just keep growing. Sometimes surgery is the answer, that’s likely the route that Brad Pitt went (only because of the perceived change in his result), but there are plenty of A-list celebrities who pursue non-surgical and non-invasive techniques instead. Must will come down to your desired results and your personal surgical preferences.

That said, this type of surgery comes with a wide variety of benefits. Facial plastic surgery can help make you feel more youthful, more vibrant, as well as improve your confidence and self-esteem. So if your face is making you feel a bit older than you’d like, you should remember that there’s actually plenty you can do about that.