Summary: If you are suffering from back pain and aren’t able to fit into summer’s skimpy, sexy fashions because your breasts are too large, reduction may be the solution you are looking for!


Don’t Get Swept Up in the Hype

It can be incredibly difficult to have too large of breasts because many people read that and think: “Your breasts are too BIG?” with a sense of disbelief. In a culture that is trying to make their breasts as big as possible, many don’t understand the disadvantages that “too big” of breasts can have. Don’t let the fact that breast implants are, and likely always will be, one of the most popular cosmetic procedures out there discourage you from looking into breast reduction surgery if you feel that you may benefit from it.

Fitting into Fashions

One of the downsides of large breasts is that it is hard to fit into the fun, flirty fashion’s out there today. Many women struggle with the need to cover up their large breasts when almost all summer clothes encourage the idea that “less is more.” If you are sick of having to wear bagging shirts and even sweatshirts in the hotter months, breast reduction could be the solution that brings you freedom, and a hefty supply of tank tops.

Reasons for Reduction

There are a number of reasons why women want to undergo breast reduction surgery today. The following may be a few points you relate to, and if you do, you may want to consult with a plastic surgeon:

  • Your large breasts are causing you to have shoulder, upper and lower back pain. Carrying all that weight is weighing you down!
  • Your extra-large breasts don’t squeeze into the extra-small fashions of hot summer months.
  • Your large breasts make it hard to exercise, having a negative impact on your weight and overall health.
  • Your large breasts make finding sexy lingerie nearly impossible and you are stuck wearing boring, “grandma-like” styles because your size isn’t found in department stores.

If any of the above complaints sound familiar, a breast reduction surgery may help you achieve the perky look you desire!

Sexy and You Know It

Sexy breasts come in all shapes and sizes, but everyone has their limits. The average cup size of American women today is a C, and D cups are oftentimes the most requested when it comes to breast augmentation. While these sizes are relatively large, they are also quite manageable. If your breasts are a size F or higher, it is likely that you also dream of becoming a flirty C cup, but will be coming at it from the other direction. Explaining your struggle and your ultimate desires to your cosmetic surgeon will help him figure out the reduction plan that is right for you. Don’t let the big breast frenzy discourage you from making a good decision about your health and happiness. Even if we all agree that C and D cup breasts are the ideal doesn’t mean that we will all be achieving this look through the same medium.

To learn more about breast reduction surgery we suggest consulting Milwaukee breast reduction surgeon Dr. Mark Bosbous.