Breast Lift and Breast Enhancement Benefits

The benefits of a breast lift are simultaneously well documented and something of a mystery. We know that patients feel great after the procedure, but it’s also important to understand why that is and why it might matter to you. If you’re thinking about a breast lift, you need to know whether the benefits of a breast lift will actually apply to you.

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While we’ve all heard of breast augmentation and breast implants, it’s important not to overlook the breast lift procedure. What are the benefits of a breast lift? Well, they can be pretty obvious once you know what you’re looking for. And those benefits are largely responsible for the popularity of this procedure, as patients consistently give the breast lift favorable reviews.

Discovering the Benefits of a Breast Lift

Where as a breast augmentation or breast reduction is going to make changes to the breasts for aesthetic reasons (and for health reasons, in the case of a reduction), a breast lift is designed to help patients feel rejuvenated.

In that, a breast lift is almost more like a facelift or tummy tuck. A breast lift is a procedure that’s designed to eliminate or hide the signs of aging. While a breast augmentation or breast reduction certainly can help make you feel younger, that’s what designed purpose of a breast lift is intended to do. What are the benefits of a breast lift? Put simply: this is a procedure that can help you look and feel young again.

Physical Benefits of a Breast Lift

Like every other part of your body, the breasts will change as you age. This happens for a number of reasons, although the most pronounced is gravity, which pulls down on the breasts constantly. This causes both sag and the development of excess tissue, both of which combine to change the orientation of the breasts in significant ways.

That’s why a breast lift offers several physical benefits for patients. These benefits include:

  • A more youthful looking profile
  • Breasts that appear to be younger
  • Breasts that are “perkier”
  • Reorientation of the breasts
  • Repositioning of the nipple

Essentially, the breasts is re positioned and given some extra life. In some cases, the breasts are even given a kind of internal bra in order to provide them with extra support. The goal of all of this work is to return the breasts to a more youthful look. This can be especially appealing for patients who have been pregnant, as pregnancy and nursing can both accelerate the normal aging process.

Breast lift procedures are often coupled with breast reduction or augmentation in order to provide the patient with the best possible result.

Emotional Benefits of Breast Lift

All of which brings us to what we’ll call the emotional benefits of breast lift procedures. Because there are certainly some of those. We often say that breast lift procedures can help you look and feel more youthful, and that’s something that’s been expressed by many breast lift patients.

Indeed, patients who undergo this procedure will often report feeling more confident in their own skin. They report a rise in self-esteem. And it helps those patients feel as though they can get back some lost time. That’s especially true for patients whose breasts were distorted prematurely, often by pregnancy, nursing, or even by weight loss. Those patients feel like they’re getting a fresh start thanks to a breast lift.

And that emotional component is difficult to underestimate. A breast lift can help patients feel confident and give them some peace of mind. It’s even something that can help with wardrobe options. Patients will often remark that, after the procedure, they feel freer to wear a wider range of clothing. That might sound trivial, but it’s often quite important on an individual, personal level.

Benefits Are Often Left up to You

The benefits of a breast lift procedure are often personalized. What we mean by that is simple: when you see your surgeon, you’ll generally discuss all of the issues you’re having and what you want to see changed. Your breast lift may be more or less invasive depending on the amount of work you need done–or the amount of buoyancy you require added to your breasts.

And so the benefits of this procedure are usually tailored to those requests. That’s not all that different from any other plastic surgery procedure. But it’s important to keep in mind when evaluating the benefits of a breast lift. The benefits have to matter to you personally in order to justify this kind of procedure.

When those benefits do matter, it becomes much clearer that this is the procedure for you.

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