Summary: Ben Affleck has been in the news lately, and not only for his portrayal of Batman. According to some rumors, he’s been spotted sporting a new “Botox” look. Now, it’s certainly possible that Affleck got himself some cosmetic surgery. But why, then, do the “plastic surgery” rumors swirl? Maybe it’s worth talking about the distinction between the two, because saying that Ben Affleck got Botox is something very different than saying he got a rhinoplasty surgery or something like that.

did ben affleck get plastic surgery?

Did Ben Affleck Get Surgery?

Every so often (okay, something like every day), there are rumors that one celebrity or another got plastic surgery. The targets of these rumors often rotate, and they’re often based on some pretty circumstantial evidence. The most recent addition to these rumors is none other than Ben Affleck. Affleck, whose acting career has seen something of a revival in recent years (both with the films he’s directed and with more recent starring vehicles such as Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice), has recently been rumored to have undergone facial plastic surgery. Of course, without talking to Affleck’s surgeon, we can’t be sure what kind of work he’s had done.

However, it’s rumored that Affleck has had some Botox injections on his forehead. So, did Ben Affleck get plastic surgery? Now, Botox injections are not terribly uncommon. In fact, Botox is among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were over 6.7 million Botox sessions in the United States of 2014. Sometimes, though, when there’s a lot of demand for a procedure, it becomes a little too easy for patients to get sub-par results. With Botox, this can mean you end up getting too much Botox—you get that “numb face” look, and that’s precisely what the tabloids have accused Affleck of in this case.

Can You Get Too Much Botox?

Many patients wonder if you can get too much Botox. The short answer is that, frankly, yes, you can. But you can eat too much pizza and you can drink too much water. That doesn’t stop people from ingesting either of those things. When it comes to Botox, you want to make sure that you find a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon to give you your injections. Why does that matter? Because a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon will know that a little goes a long way with Botox—and he or she will be the first one to tell you “no.”

It’s important not to push too hard on your plastic or cosmetic surgeon. Indeed, if he or she is refusing your request, it’s probably for a good reason. In most cases, surgeons simply will not perform a procedure that won’t produce excellent results. Even still, it’s hard to resist pressure from patients, who feel as though they need to look even younger (imagine the pressure that a patient such as Affleck can exert). But at the end of the day, getting too much Botox—and the resulting “numb” face—is quite rare. Most Botox injections simply get rid of the wrinkles they’re designed to.

To ensure your Botox results are excellent, you should consider the following:

  • Ensure Botox is being used for the correct purpose
  • Botox is used to mitigate muscle-caused wrinkles, so make sure those are the wrinkles you’re treating
  • Remember that you can always come back and get more Botox later
  • Botox results will wane over time, so consider maintenance injections to keep your results up
  • Seek out a highly qualified, experienced cosmetic surgeon for your procedure

The Definition of “Surgery”

When tabloids (or whatever you want to call them when they’re online) report that a celebrity has gotten plastic surgery, it’s difficult to know what to make of that. Anyone who’s done some research on the topic knows that there’s definitely a difference between “plastic surgery” and “cosmetic surgery.” In other words, there’s a difference between surgical rhinoplasty and non surgical rhinoplasty. In fact, that might be a good example for what we’re talking about.

If one were to get a non surgical nose job, we wouldn’t necessarily equate that with “plastic surgery.” Generally, we refer to plastic surgery as procedures that require a scalpel, where as cosmetic surgery procedures do not. There are some definite advantages to non surgical procedures (for example, the cost of non surgical nose job procedures are significantly less than their surgical counterparts). The advantages of these procedures make non surgical cosmetic surgery procedures quite attractive—especially to celebrities who want to keep their procedures on the down low (and who don’t want to miss out on time when they could be on camera).

So did Ben Affleck get a non surgical procedure? Of course, it’s possible. It’s also not really our business.

Look Great Without Surgery

However, if Affleck did get a non surgical procedure done, it’s a nice reminder that you don’t necessarily need surgery to look great. Whether you’re looking at Botox or Non Surgical nose job procedures, these procedures are designed to make you look more youthful without the need for surgery. That’s something a lot of people can certainly get behind.