A look at some tiny techniques trending in 2019

Belly Button Lift and nipple surgery are two small procedures trending in 2019, and they aren’t the only ones. These days, procedures that work on a small scale, generating subtle results that only the patient will ever really notice are more popular than ever. And both nipple surgery and belly button lift definitely fit into that category. That said, there are more reasons that that why these procedures are becoming more popular in 2019.

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There are always going to be brand new procedures on the market–as well as plastic surgery procedures that are just hitting their stride. Belly button lift and nipple surgery are two small procedures trending in 2019 mostly because they’re finally getting noticed. These two procedures have been around for a while–but they are indeed hitting their stride.

Two Small Procedures Trending in 2019

The appeal of these procedures is similar, even though the techniques themselves are wildly different. Patients want to make small but important changes to the body. And these two procedures–belly button lift and nipple surgery–offer them the chance to do that.

Because most plastic surgery patients, contrary to popular notions, actually have pretty high confidence and self esteem. There’s just one little thing that’s bothering them. And it’s hard to move on from that one thing. Belly button lift and nipple surgery, in their own ways, target that one little thing for improvement. And when you think about it like that, it’s easy to see these two are small procedures trending in 2019.

What Do Belly Button Lift and Nipple Surgery Accomplish?

In order to understand why, precisely, belly button lift and nipple surgery are trending quite as much as they are, it might be helpful to briefly discuss what the two procedures actually do, beyond the obvious.

  • Belly Button Lift: Simply speaking, a belly button lift is designed to change the size or shape or structure of the belly button. Many patients these days are using the procedure to transform their “innie” belly-button into an “outie.” This is usually performed purely for aesthetic reasons, and the procedure itself is often relatively straightforward for patients.
  • Nipple Surgery: Patients often have a desire to change the nipple without altering the rest of the breast. In some cases, this means changing the overall size of the areola, or correcting permanently inverted nipples. Nipple surgery is often minimally invasive, though this will usually depend on what you want your desired results to be.

Each procedure has its own set of incisions, techniques, and recovery instructions. That is, they are totally different procedures. And they aren’t usually performed concurrently–that is, most patients don’t want some combination of nipple surgery and belly button lift (though they might, from time to time).

What They Have in Common

That said, there are some things that nipple surgery and belly button lift do have in common. First and foremost, they are both relatively non-invasive procedures. (That is, the incisions tend to be small.) The exception to that is when a patient wants to decrease the size of the areola–but even that is accomplished with as few incisions as possible.

Additionally, both nipple surgery and belly button lifts are often performed with other plastic surgery procedures. They’re only now finding their way as popular procedures in their own right. Nipple surgery is often performed routinely as part of a breast lift procedure (during which the nipple must often be moved) or other breast enhancement surgery.

Belly button lifts are a routine part of tummy tuck procedures, more or less. During a tummy tuck, the belly button is often “moved”–that is, the old belly button is on part of the tissue removed to tighten skin, so a new one is created in the right spot.

Aesthetic Procedures

In most cases, belly button lift and nipple surgery are purely aesthetic procedures, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that either procedure is frivolous in any way. Indeed, both belly button lift and nipple surgery are often employed to address concerns that patients have had for some time.

For some patients, this means an embarrassing belly button. For other patients, it might mean nipples that are permanently inverted. Still other patients might have purely aesthetic concerns. But these concerns are difficult to address in any other way; it’s not as though one can exercise in a way that changes the size of the nipple or the shape of the belly button.

So it’s likely that these two small procedures trending in 2019 will continue to do so in the near future. It’s unlikely that the popularity of belly button lifts or nipple surgery will wane anytime soon (or all that suddenly). The best place to get more information about either of these two procedures is from your local plastic or cosmetic surgeon, who can provide you with information individualized to your desires and demands.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for just over four years. He’s constantly in communication with surgeons to ensure his information is accurate and up to date.

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