The runways for Spring 2012 were buzzing with refreshing blends of natural makeup looks and vintage-inspired features. However making it look the same on your face at it looks on supermodels like Heidi Klum or Agyness Deyn may not be as simple as applying the makeup alone. Luckily, the help of some of the most popular cosmetic procedures can help enhance your look this year.

1. Sun-Kissed Cheeks and Cheek Enhancement

We have all envied Kate Moss’s cheekbones for years. Rather than giving up and accepting what mother nature gave you, you may want to consider fillers such as Radiesse® for cheek enhancement. Filler in the cheeks elevates the cheek pedestal and defines the cheeks in a way that can often make the face appear more youthful and feminine. Pair this procedure with a sun-kissed cheek in a warm peach, coral, or bronze that looks “barely there” or as if you’ve been laying in the sun all day, as seen on the runways of Michael Kors and Stella McCartney.

2. Red Lips and Lip Augmentation

Red Lips are one of the most daring and intimidating looks to replicate. Many women are concerned about bleeding lip lines or drawing attention to their smaller lips. However, this spring, artsy and daring lips are hot, and you may be tempted to shake up the mundane day-to-day routine with a bold red lip. Here’s a tip: try fillers such as Juvederm® not only to help augment the lips but also to fill in the fine lines around the lips that often make it difficult to wear lipstick. Red lips were seen in Jason Wu and Yves St. Laurent’s runway shows this year.

3. Heavy Lashes and Lattisse®

Louis Vuitton and Anna Sui both featured heavy, Twiggy-like lashes that create doe-eyes that are simply captivating. In order to make this look truly work well, lashes must be long and thick. If false eyelashes are too tedious to wear on a daily basis, try growing your own. Latisse® is a simple to use cosmetic drug that is applied to the lash line nightly to grow thick, luxurious lashes. After creating a full base on your own, apply 2-3 coats of jet black mascara to both the top lashes and lower lashes to create this spring’s ideal lash look.

4. Clean Skin

This spring’s skin is about the less-is-more look. The skin is dewy and fresh as seen in BCBG’s Spring 2012 runway look. Thick foundation that covers up the skin’s natural glow won’t work for this look. To create a more modern, fresher look a tinted moisturizer that slightly evens skin tone but still allows your undertones to shine through will work as a more effective option.  If you are concerned that this level of coverage won’t be sufficient for you, consider laser skin resurfacing treatments. Laser treatments are can help fade brown spots, improve the appearance of wrinkles, and even overall skin tone. The results of a laser treatment covered by tinted moisturizer can be so simply pretty.

5. Cat-Eyes and Filler for Under-Eye Hollows

Cat-eyes have been showing up on the runway for a few seasons. This spring not only gives the spotlight yet again to the Kim Kardashian favorite cat-eye look in classic black. It also tries the pretty eye makeup look in softer shades like brown, purple, and even silver (on Betsy Johnson’s runway.) Unfortunately, the most dramatic cat-eyes also line the lower lash line which can accentuate dark undereye circles. Trying filler under your eyes such as Restylane® or Juverderm® and can help improve the appearance of sunken under-eye circles.

Regardless of age or your natural features, you can pull off this spring’s looks with a few hush-hush, non-surgical beauty treatments from your local dermatologist or Chicago cosmetic surgeon.

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