Rumors About the Reality TV Star's Plastic Surgery

Audrey Roloff’s nose job rumors have been getting from page play from a whole lot of gossip websites. To be fair, that happens any time any celebrity might have been spotted after a plastic surgery procedure. We love our celebrities when they’re getting plastic surgery! But at least this time, we might actually be able to learn a little something from this rumor.

audrey roloff's nose job rumors

If you’ve been paying attention to the gossip columnists and celebrity commentators, you might have heard about Audrey Roloff’s nose job rumors. The star from Little People, Big World was recently spotted with a slightly different nose. So, of course, it’s not long before you start seeing the plastic surgeons coming out and talking about it.

To be fair, not all of the surgeons interviewed were on the “she had a nose job” bandwagon. So at least that’s a relief. We’re not huge fans of baseless accusations when it comes to celebrities and plastic surgery. To be sure, Roloff’s nose job—if she got one—made only subtle changes to her nasal area.

But the rumors are at least a little instructive. If Roloff did indeed undergo a rhinoplasty procedure, there are a few things that we can learn from her results (the same is true if she didn’t, too).

Reasons to Doubt Roloff’s Nose Job

There are some definite reasons to doubt that Roloff had a nose job performed, and they can teach us a thing or two about the behavior of the nose generally speaking. For example, one of the reasons that Roloff’s nose looks different from picture to picture is because her mouth is making a different shape.

Many people don’t realize that your nose and your mouth are pretty inextricably linked. One will always affect the other. It’s kind of like how your sense of taste is highly informed by your sense of smell. The shape of your nose is highly informed by the way its attached to and interacts with your mouth.

For some people, that means a significant degree of variability in the way the nose can look. Even then, if you think about it this way, even something as simple as wearing lipstick can change the way your nose looks.

Other Ways to Change Your Nose

Additionally, there are other ways to change the shape of the nose without having to resort to surgical rhinoplasty. Many patients who want to add volume to the nose or change small aspects of the nose will look into a procedure called a Non Surgical Nose Job.

Now, when you look at a non surgical nose job vs traditional rhinoplasty, there are some start differences. Those differences include:

  • Surgical rhinoplasty requires a significant recovery period, where non surgical rhinoplasty does not
  • Non surgical rhinoplasty can only add volume, where surgical nose jobs can make all kinds of changes
  • Non surgical nose job procedures can be accomplished in a matter of thirty minutes or so, where as a traditional procedure will take a significant amount of time (including pre-op and recovery).
  • Surgical rhinoplasty can make huge changes to your nose and drastically transform your entire face; non surgical nose job procedures are only capable of effecting small changes and producing subtle results.
  • Surgical rhinoplasty is permanent; non surgical rhinoplasty tends to be temporary (though you can maintain your results by getting regular injections)

In other words, it’s completely possible that you can change your nose in small, subtle ways with a non surgical procedure.

Is Subtle Always Best?

Whether Roloff got a nose job or not, the results are pretty subtle. And that might be another thing we can learn from this little “rumor control” article. In general, subtle changes to the nose can make a big difference. Many patients who want rhinoplasty procedures only want to change small aspects of their noses.

And making a small change to the nose can actually make the results a little bit different to pin down. What I mean is this: people won’t necessarily know (immediately—unless you tell them) that you’ve had plastic surgery. In theory, they’ll only notice that your face (hopefully) looks a little more balanced and proportional or attractive (it really depends on what you’re trying to change with your nose).

In other words, there’s something to be said for trying to achieve subtle results with your rhinoplasty procedure—not changing your entire nose but a small element of it.

Avoiding Rumors

Because rhinoplasty can achieve results that look pretty darn natural, we make a habit of avoiding rumors about the topic. Sure, it’s possible that Roloff had a rhinoplasty performed. But it’s also totally possible that she didn’t. The modern miracle (if you will) of today’s plastic surgery is that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference.

In many ways, that’s a testament to the good work that many plastic surgeons are able to achieve. On the other hand, it’s a heck of a good reason to stop speculating on Audrey Roloff’s nose job rumors—so that’s what we’re going to do!

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