Do you want a nose like a celebrity?

There are some new questions as to why patients are asking for Meghan Markle’s nose when they go to the plastic surgeon. But, frankly, it’s not a very surprising development. Markle has a great nose! And plastic surgery patients will often use celebrities as a kind of short hand to discuss their post-surgical hopes and dreams. In that way, Markle joins a long line of celebrities who have been used to discuss what a patient wants to achieve with rhinoplasty surgery.

In the field of plastic surgery, it’s not uncommon for patients to use celebrities as a kind of guide post. That’s probably why patients are asking for Meghan Markle’s nose of late: it’s an easy way to reference precisely the overall effect those patients want. There are some benefits and drawbacks to this style of communication.

Why Patients Are Asking for Meghan Markle’s Nose

The primary drawback is that, well, Meghan Markle’s nose might not look that great on you. Everyone’s face is unique and different, and that means that a celebrity nose might not be the perfect analogy.

The benefit of using Meghan Markle’s nose as a kind of model is that it’s often hard to talk about how you want your nose to look. Sure, you can boil it down to the angles and the length in cm if you’re so inclined. But most patients just want a nose that looks “better.” They aren’t quite sure how to describe that other than by pointing to other examples. These days, that example usually belongs to a celebrity. That’s why patients are asking for Meghan Markle’s nose.

What Makes Markle’s Nose a Good Model?

This, of course, brings up the question as to whether or not Markle’s nose is a good model for other patients. And, ultimately, it depends on the patient. But there are some virtue’s to Markle’s nose that certainly make it a worthy role model (nose model?).

  • The angle of the nose near that “ideal” angle of 106 degrees
  • Markle’s nose is slightly upturned, which according to various surveys seems to be preferred in a nose
  • The nostrils of the nose are in a perfect kind of proportion to the rest of the nose–and to Markle’s face.

It’s difficult to stress exactly how important proportion is when it comes to the nose. That’s why we mention that Markle’s nose isn’t going to be perfect for everyone. There may be some patients whose faces are simply not the right size or shape to support Markle’s nose. Those patients may need to look elsewhere for their, uh, nose models. Luckily, there are no shortage of fantastic noses out there.

It’s all about finding the right celebrity for you–the right person who will be able to stand in for your features, your face, and your desired final nose shape. After all, a good rhinoplasty can change a significant amount about your nose–so in some ways, the sky’s the limit. But most people want to bring their nose into proportion with the rest of their face, so finding that right nose models is often a step towards success. For many, Meghan Markle may be that nose models.

How to Change Your Nose

When most people set about changing their nose, they’re primarily thinking of doing so via a procedure called rhinoplasty. More colloquially known as a nose job, rhinoplasty is used by patients who want to increase or decrease the size of their noses. Or they want to change the shape of the nostrils. Or their nose dips in a way that the patient doesn’t like. Or all of the above. In other words, rhinoplasty is an exceptionally powerful plastic surgery procedure. Surgeons can even replace or alter the cartilage in your nose to change your face’s silhouette.

The only downside to these procedures is that there is a significant recovery period. Your nose isn’t exactly the fastest healing part of your body, and it tends to show its displeasure at the whole process by swelling up significantly. Indeed, swelling of the nose can sometimes last for upwards of twelve months at very low levels.

For most patients, this is ultimately both manageable and worth it. But it’s definitely something to think about before going under the knife.

How to Change the Face

Sometimes, though, it’s not the nose that’s the problem. Sometimes in order to get the look you want to achieve, changing the face is in order. For example, a rhinoplasty on its own will not make you look significantly more youthful. To do that you’ll either need a facelift or something like a dermal filler injection.

The point is this: your entire face works together. Your nose, your cheeks, your lips–they’re all working in harmony to produce, well, your face. And when one of those components is “off” or not doing its part, it draws attention to itself. Part of why Meghan Markle’s nose works so well for Markle is because it blends in–it’s just a part of her face.

That’s why patients are asking for Meghan Markle’s nose–they simply want to achieve that same effortless beauty.

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