Breast Augmentation Questions for Your Consult

It's important that you ask the right questions during your breast augmentation consultation. This is your chance to ask your surgeon about your procedure.

Summary: The initial consultation you have with a board-certified plastic surgeon prior to breast augmentation is an opportunity for you to discuss your goals, and for the plastic surgeon to examine you and assess your suitability.

Don’t forget that you are also assessing their suitability as your plastic surgeon, so it’s important to choose one you trust and are comfortable with. Asking certain questions, and listening carefully to the answers, will help you to make the right decision.

Are You Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery?

Board-certified plastic surgeons approved by The American Board of Plastic Surgery have undertaken the most rigorous training possible and are committed to upholding the highest standards of care. You should only ever work with a board-certified plastic surgeon, both to guarantee great results and to minimize risk.

If a potential plastic surgeon is vague or cagey about their qualifications or board-certification, steer clear.

How Many Breast Augmentations Do You Carry Out?

As well as board-certification, you should choose a plastic surgeon with extensive breast augmentation experience. One of the questions you should ask during consultation is how many breast augmentation procedures the plastic surgeon has performed and how many they tend to do during an average working week or month. Again, be wary of non-committal answers and appreciate the value of experience as well as qualifications.

What Would You Do If Complications Occurred During the Procedure?

A reputable plastic surgeon will freely admit that complications do occur from time to time, and they should be confident about how they would deal with it. Asking about hospital privileges can also be a good indicator of a prospective plastic surgeon’s expertise, as it means that other professionals have verified the plastic surgeon’s qualification.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Not everyone who wants to have breast augmentation is a suitable candidate, so this should be on your list of consultation questions. As any reputable, board-certified plastic surgeon will tell you, suitable candidates tend to be those who have a BMI of less than 30 and are at or near their target weight. There are some health conditions which will mean you’re not suitable for the procedure, as will being unwilling to quit smoking and other habits which could affect your health and the results.

What Type of Breast Augmentation Is Best for Me?

Remember, there’s no one ideal breast augmentation method, there’s only one which is best for you as an individual. During your consultation, your board-certified plastic surgeon will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the type of implant to be used, the most suitable breast implant placement and the size which is most likely to provide the look you’re hoping to achieve.

What Anesthetic Will Be Used and How Will It Be Administered?

One answer you should definitely listen carefully to is who will be administering the anesthetic for your breast augmentation procedure. The answer to this question should always be a board-certified anesthesiologist or a certified registered nurse anesthetist, who should be present throughout the procedure. Your board-certified plastic surgeon should be happy to explain more.

What Can I Expect During My Recovery Period?

It is essential that you follow your board-certified plastic surgeon’s instructions for how to support your recovery. This may include dealing with drains, which pain medication you should take, how long you should stay off work and what activities to avoid. These instructions will be based on extensive breast augmentation experience and the reasons for each can be explained during the consultation.