Summary: Seeing as how there’s an app for everything these days, it shouldn’t surprise us that there’s even an app for plastic surgery. Recent releases, such as The Beauty Mirror, allows you to see what you’d look like with some minor work done. That said, it’s easier than ever to develop unrealistic expectations, so keep an open but critical mind when it comes to these apps.


There’s an App for… Well, You Know

Because, you know, there’s an app for everything these days. Even, it turns out, plastic surgery. A new app called The Beauty Mirror functions on iPhone and Andriod platforms as a kind of mini Photoshop, allowing you to see the results of what you might look like with a little nip and tuck (or, probably, a little Botox).

How it Works

The idea is pretty simple. A user takes a selfie and then can edit the image to achieve a certain range of effects. The programmers of the Beauty Mirror were careful not to let users go to extremes and therefore encourage unrealistic expectations. Beauty Mirror concentrates on eliminating wrinkles, softening the skin, maybe getting rid of some crow’s feet. The app also lets them shave some excess tissue off their faces. It won’t turn your face into a Barbie face.

Facelift App

In other words, it’s a facelift app—both liquid facelift and surgical. But the effects are meant to be subtle, so that users’ social media contacts will only notice how good the user looks, not that the image has been doctored.

All About Expectations

There is, of course, a kind of danger in an app like that, even if it seems like a danger the designers are well aware of: unrealistic expectations. Whether you’re looking for a breast augmentation in Los Angeles or a facelift in Milwaukee, this is something that every plastic surgeon will caution his or her patients against: don’t develop unrealistic expectations.

Plastic surgery will not make you young again. It might have you look more youthful, and it might make you feel better and more self-confident. But it’s not going to make you look like you’re twenty years old again. But something that plastic surgery might do is help you look as young as you feel. As we age, sometimes our skin seems to be moving faster than out body. We see this in face, especially, where excess skin and deep wrinkles can make you look tired and angry. A facelift can make you look younger—make you look how young you feel.

Subtle Changes

So we at least have to complement the Beauty Mirror on emphasizing subtle changes. They seem to realize that one of the keys to the rise in quality of life after plastic surgery is maintaining those realistic expectations throughout the process.

Certainly, give the app a try. And if you like what you see, contact your plastic surgeon to make it a reality.