A larger or more even breast size. Increased self-confidence and self-esteem. New curves. New lift. Breast implants continue to grow in popularity with women in the Dallas area due to all of these reasons and many more, and in 2008, breast implant surgery surpassed liposuction for the first time as the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States.

Women choose to have breast implants for a variety of personal reasons: to increase their overall breast size, to balance the size and shape of asymmetrical breasts, to revive sagging breasts due to aging, child bearing or breast feeding, not to mention breast cancer patients who are looking for a new silhouette post-treatment. Regardless of your reasons, there are a variety of breast implant options and choices for women to consider.

Dallas-area women who are thinking about having breast implants can choose from both saline implants (filled with a salt water solution, these implants are more rippled in appearance, but on the other hand, saline can be safely absorbed by the body in the event of a rupture) and silicone implants (filled with silicone gel, silicone implants are smoother and softer and also tend to look more natural).

Likewise, women have some options for implant placement – breast implants can be inserted under the natural breast tissue (known as sub-glandular placement) or under the pectoral or chest muscles (sub-muscular placement). As a general rule, sub-glandular breast implants tend to look high and tight and allow for more natural movement and the procedure is less painful and involves less recovery time. On the other hand, the edges of the implants can be visible, particularly with women who have thinner skin, a lower percentage of body fat and less natural breast tissue.

Sub-pectoral breast implants, then, often produce more cleavage as well as a more natural look, but this breast implant procedure entails more recovery time since the pectoral muscles are actually separated to insert the breast implants. In addition, sub-pectoral breast implants will make future mammograms for women more challenging since they reduce the number of views of the breast that can be taken.

In addition, women have a variety of options as they look for a cosmetic surgeon, but it’s important to find a cosmetic surgeon in Dallas who you are very comfortable with, who has ample education and experience, who has a strong specialty in breast implants and who can share a variety of success stories, recommendations and photos from former patients. Some cosmetic surgeons work in hospitals, but more and more work in private clinics, which allow for more privacy for patients.

All in all, as women start to consider breast implant options, they should engage in some detailed research and take some time to find the best option to fit their individual priorities, lifestyle, budget and overall needs.

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