Summary: One of the downsides of looking amazing after cosmetic surgery is sometimes your friends can get a little jealous. Ex-Real Housewives star Adrienne Maloof understands this plastic surgery backlash!

real house wife Maloof

Meet Maloof

Until very recently, Adrienne Maloof was one of the stars of the ever popular Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a show that continuously provides us with salacious plastic surgery gossip and news. Maloof is a business woman with stakes in most of her family’s companies, including her brother George Jr.’s gorgeous and trendy Palm Hotel in Las Vegas. Maloof seemed to have it all: a hit TV show, millions upon millions of dollars… but after a recent cosmetic surgery stint her friends could no longer hide their jealousy.

Adrienne and the Mean Girls

One of the worst things your friends can do is bully you, and Adrienne understands this all too well. Recently the star decided to quit RHOBH because of drama over a big secret reveal (Maloof kept her 2006 surrogacy story private) but the path leading up to her leave was a rough road paved with the worst intentions. It seems that fellow co-stars Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump (both no stranger to cosmetic surgery themselves) took to the media to bash Maloof for what they considered to be “bad cosmetic surgery.” We think the 51-year old Adrienne Maloof looks fantastic though, and that this is just a classic case of bullying.

Cosmetic Surgery Backlash

Maloof is experiencing what some of us do after great cosmetic surgery: backlash. We know that Adrienne’s plastic surgery was done by wonderful cosmetic surgeons since she was married to the famed rhinoplasty surgeon Paul Nassif for 10 years. So what could possibly spark the media frenzy, which included Glanville saying the quality of Maloof’s surgery clearly “came at a discounted rate”? We are guessing it comes down to one word: Jealousy! Maloof has had the following cosmetic procedures done over the years (and her friends can’t handle how amazing she really looks after…):

Stand Up For Yourself

Adrienne Maloof is not denying any of her surgeries. As a matter of fact, when asked what she’s had done over the years, she’s been quoted as saying “Just start from the top and work your way down!” Maloof is proud of her surgeries, and where pride and happiness walk, jealousy follows. What is important is that you always stand up for yourself in these situations, and continue on your cosmetic surgery journey with confidence. Maloof has since left the Real Housewives franchise, and we know she will go on to bigger and better things despite adversity- which is likely to include more surgery. If you or someone you know is experiencing bullying because of cosmetic surgery, stand up proud and say that alterations are a personal decision that have nothing to do with what others think! Despite it all, we have a feeling Adrienne Maloof will have the last laugh.

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