How to change your Adam's apple.

If you’ve never heard of it before, you might be wondering, what is Adam’s apple surgery? And why is it suddenly so popular? This procedure has been in the news lately because it has a significantly high satisfaction rate. Also known as a “tracheal shave,” Adam’s apple surgery can noticeably alter the prominence of the Adam’s apple, leading to a more feminine neck appearance.

According to common knowledge, only men have Adam’s apples. In reality, this just isn’t true. Women can have Adam’s apples as well. And there’s nothing unusual or strange about that. It’s just that a prominent Adam’s apple has been socially coded as something that is “masculine,” while a more slender neck is perceived as being more feminine.

What is Adam’s Apple Surgery?

Sure, the typical result is one which the larynx of boys develops more prominently during puberty. But that’s certainly not the only result. These things tend to develop on curves and there’s a wide range of “normal” appearances.

Even so, many people become dissatisfied with the appearance of their Adam’s apples. That’s why Adam’s apple surgery has seen a rise in popularity (or at least awareness) recently. Indeed, according to recent surveys, Adam’s apple surgery has enjoyed high patient satisfaction rates over the past several years. And whenever a procedure produces high satisfaction, we like to keep our eyes on that procedure. So, what is Adam’s apple surgery? Let’s take a look!

What in the World is an Adam’s Apple?

But maybe before we talk about Adam’s apple surgery, we should talk about the Adam’s apple proper. An Adam’s apple is probably something you’ve seen and talked about your entire life without ever really stopping to think about what it actually is or why you see it. Simply put, your Adam’s apple is your larynx.

Your larynx is colloquially referred to as your “voice box.” Basically, your larynx is a hollow muscular tube that vibrates. This tube has a connection to your lungs and your mouth and as it vibrates, it makes sounds. That’s where your voice comes from!

As you go through adolescence, the larynx increases in size. This is what results in voice changes as well as in the development of an Adam’s apple. Usually, the larynx becomes larger in men, but this isn’t always the case, as there is a significant amount of variability from person to person. But it’s the increased size of the larynx that causes the appearance of the Adam’s apple.

What Does Adam’s Apple Surgery Do?

Now that it’s clear where the Adam’s apple comes from, it is perhaps easier to image what surgery changes. Adam’s apple surgery, known medically as chondrolaryngoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure designed to diminish the appearance of the Adam’s apple. During the procedure, surgeons will manipulate the thyroid cartilage in order to change the contours of the larynx against the neck. That’s why this procedure is also sometimes referred to as a “tracheal shave.”

The procedure itself is quite delicate. Surgeons work hard to make it as non invasive as possible and the recovery period is relatively short. Most patients are back to normal activities after a week of healing.

Surgery itself can be quite delicate, however, in large part because surgeons have to be careful not to change the position of the larynx too much, as patients don’t want to wake up with a brand new voice!

Who Would Get Adam’s Apple Surgery?

There are plenty of patients who would like to undergo Adam’s apple surgery. After all, as other procedures (such as the non surgical nose job) have continually shown, even small changes can result in significant transformations. And an Adam’s apple surgery will only make subtle changes.

But because the Adam’s apple itself is so heavily coded in gender, small alterations can really change the way that the face is perceived (either as being more feminine or more masculine). So, patients who want a “tracheal shave” typically desire a more feminine appearance.

There are variations of this procedure in which bulk is added to the Adam’s apple in more to make it appear more masculine. There are several methods for this, so your surgeon will choose the one that works best for you.

High Satisfaction

Recent studies published seem to indicate that patients of Adam’s apple surgery generally report pretty high satisfaction with their results. That means that, generally speaking, the procedure is working the way it’s supposed to, and that’s good news. There are few natural ways to change your Adam’s apple. So patients who want a more feminine or masculine neckline will likely need to turn to plastic surgery to accomplish that.

If you have questions about what Adam’s apple surgery can and cannot do, contact your local plastic surgeon to schedule a confidential consultation. At least then you can ask “What is Adam’s apple surgery” and get an answer that is specific to you.


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