Summary: Breast augmentation may seem like a straightforward process, but there are a number of things about the procedure that many don’t know. Educating yourself about some of the lesser known facts can help to better prepare you for the best breast augmentation results. y

1. You May Need to Include a Breast Lift for Your Ideal Results

Some women who opt for breast implants will achieve the best results by combining an augmentation with a breast lift. Augmentation can increase breast size and restore volume, but will not address breasts that have drooped as a result of pregnancy, age or weight fluctuations. A lift can raise the breasts to a higher position, improve their shape and resize or reposition the nipple. Because the procedures complement each other so well, many women combine a breast lift with an augmentation for optimal results.

2. You Can’t Get Any Size Implant You Want

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when selecting implant size. Patients and their surgeons work together to decide which size will work best based upon a woman’s anatomy, including original breast size and shape as well as the quality of breast tissue. Each breast enhancement surgery is a careful procedure tailored to match the specific needs of each individual.

3. Breast Implants Won’t Necessarily Improve Your Cleavage

A common misconception is that breast implants can improve cleavage, but it doesn’t always work that way. A woman’s natural anatomy determines more about her cleavage than her breast size does. Women with narrow chests and breasts placed closer together tend to have more cleavage than women with wider chests or breasts spaced farther apart. Implants will increase bust size but they can’t change breast position. For women who want to improve their cleavage, a good push-up bra can be very effective.

4. Most Patients Only Need a Week Off from Work

As long as heavy lifting or overexertion can be prevented, the majority of women are able to return to work within five to seven days following surgery. Patients should discuss the specific demands of their job with their surgeon, who will be able to advise if any activities should be avoided or adapted during the initial healing phase.

5. Final Results May Not Be Visible For Six Months

Breast implants take time to drop into their final place as the surrounding tissue heals. This is because the surrounding tissue and skin take time to accommodate the implant. This gradual process can take anywhere from three to six months.

6. Best Implant Placement Depends on Original Breast Size

Implants can be placed either over or under the pectoral muscles. Several factors dictate which placement is best, including a patient’s pre-existing breast size. Women with smaller breasts are often better candidates for submuscular placement. They have less tissue to cover the implant, so placing it beneath the muscle reduces the likelihood of the implant being visible or palpable. Women with larger or drooping breasts have more tissue and may be better suited to subglandular placement.

7. You Need to Quit Smoking before Surgery

Smokers will need to kick the habit long before surgery. This is because nicotine restricts the blood supply to the tissues, which can negatively impact surgical outcome. With nicotine in the system, patients are at a much higher risk for infection, poor wound healing, scarring and other health complications. Most surgeons recommend that prospective patients quit smoking at least six weeks before their surgery and refrain from smoking for six weeks following the procedure.