Summary: There are a surprising number of lesser known facts about breast augmentation that may help prospective patients achieve their ideal results. When preparing for your breast augmentation, it helps to educate yourself about the procedure as best as possible in order to gain a better understanding of what breast implants can do for you. This set of insider tips should help with exactly that. shutterstock_86947870

1. You Can Try the “Rice Test” to Get a Better Idea of Implant Size

The rice test allows you to try on different breast implant sizes without committing to one size or another just yet. Simply fill some old pantyhose or a plastic bag with the corresponding volume of uncooked rice and wear the temporary implants under a sports bra. You can see your simulated new breast size in the mirror and even wear the rice bags around the house and out in public to get an idea of how it would feel to have larger breasts.

2. Cleavage Depends on Anatomy More than Implants

While many breast augmentation patients hope to achieve enhanced cleavage as a result of their new implants, cleavage depends more on your natural anatomy than breast size. Women with a wider rib cage and breasts that are set farther apart may not necessarily gain their ideal cleavage with breast augmentation, while women whose natural anatomy sets their breasts closer together can better accentuate their cleavage with implants.

3. Using Bags of Frozen Veggies Can Help Reduce Post-Surgical Swelling

After your breast augmentation surgery, you’ll experience post-surgical swelling around your breasts that obscures your final results. While swelling is a completely normal aspect of any surgical procedure, most patients wish to reduce their swelling as quickly as possible in order to alleviate discomfort and get a better idea of their final breast appearance. Using bags of frozen veggies just might be the best way to soothe any soreness and treat swelling. Not only can they contour to your body’s curves to provide the most coverage, but you can enjoy a tasty, vitamin-rich snack after healing is complete!

4. You Can’t Always Predict Your Final Cup Size

Cup size is dependent on your anatomy in a similar way that cleavage is. An implant of 250 cc will look differently on one woman than on another, and can result in a completely different cup size. For this reason, your final cup size won’t always be possible to predict. Instead, surgeons focus on the amount of volume they’re adding to your breasts.

5. Augmented Breasts Can Look Very Natural

There is a common misconception that breast implants always look artificial and obvious. However, with today’s surgical techniques and breast implant options, this is simply not the case. If your goal is to add fullness to your breasts in a way that looks entirely natural, you can achieve your ideal look with the help of the right size and profile breast implants, as well as a skilled breast augmentation surgeon.

6. Not All Breast Augmentation Are Created Equal

A breast augmentation with one surgeon may end up with very different results than the same surgery with a different surgeon. When it comes to the best breast augmentation results, surgical skill makes all the difference. Take the time to seek out an experienced cosmetic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation. You can look through your surgeon’s before-and-after photos of real patients to get a better understanding of the results he or she is capable of creating.