Summary: There are few things that can have such a positive effect on a woman’s life as a simple change in her appearance. The resulting boost in self-confidence can offer substantial benefits not just physically, but in a number of other ways as well. It’s no surprise, given that information, that the most popular cosmetic surgery today is breast augmentation, which offers a number of things to be thankful for.

1. You Can Customize Your Results

When planning for breast augmentation, one of the most exciting things is getting to pick the implant size you want. Find some pictures that show examples of the look you’d like to see for yourself, then bring examples in to share with your cosmetic surgeon. Having a visual reference gives both of you an excellent place to start when talking about how to move forward with your breast enhancement.

2. Breast Implants May Improve Your Sex Life

A survey carried out by found that of all the respondents, 34 percent reported an improvement in their overall sex life after undergoing a breast augmentation procedure. The survey went on to note that 61 percent of respondents reported having more sex after getting breast implants. A better sex life would definitely count as one of the major benefits of breast augmentation!

3. You Feel More Confident

There’s a saying that goes, “Look good, feel great.” That’s exactly what breast augmentation can do. Breast implants enhance your appearance, resulting in a positive feedback loop that contributes to higher self-esteem and confidence. Feeling good about yourself is easily the most attractive quality in any person.

For many women, the difference in their demeanor after breast augmentation can be even more of a head-turner than their new figure.

4. Breast Implants Can Balance Out Your Figure

Body asymmetry is a reality all humans have to deal with. One side of our bodies always differs in some small way from the other half. However, sometimes that difference can be stark, like when a woman has one breast 2 cup sizes smaller or larger than the other. Balancing out your figure is another primary benefit of breast augmentation.

5. You Get to Refresh Your Wardrobe

Having your body rule your wardrobe can be disheartening. It means there are certain types of clothes you’ll never get to wear. It means you can’t go to the beach with the bikini you’ve been eying for years. Breast augmentation can change this. By giving you the kind of breast size and shape you feel fits the lifestyle you want to live, getting breast implants can open up a whole new world and wardrobe for you to experience and enjoy.

6. You Can Recover Your Pre-Baby Body

Babies bring joy and fulfillment to families the world over. But sometimes, the physical changes that result from having a baby can leave a new mom feeling self-conscious or insecure. If your breasts look deflated or otherwise different after pregnancy or nursing and you want to regain your pre-baby body, breast implants can replace lost volume to help you get your sexy back. And if you’re already happy with size, there are other post-baby options for breast enhancement you can consider, like a breast lift.

Breast augmentation is one of those changes that goes beyond the physical to rejuvenate your life as a whole. By boosting your confidence, breast implants can change other areas of your life as well. This and all the reasons stated here are only a handful of reasons to be thankful for breast augmentation.